Dreaming about PhD


I've had a couple in the past week, the latest one, I dreamt that instead of writing up my PhD as normal, I had written a fictional novel based on my research! I was trying to convince my supervisor that this was acceptible! I'm not even sure how such a thinkg would even work, but it in the dream it clearly did!

Anyone else dream about their PhD? Luckily so far most my PhD dreams aren't nightmares, but imaging I'll have the failing viva/forgetting to turn up to viva/forgetting to wear any clothes to viva type dreams soon enough!


I haven't yet had a dream, but this is worrying in my case. I tend to dream about everything, and PhD hasn't turned up yet, straange!

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bad luck, I've had a series of dreams where me and Jake Gyllenhal are sharing a flat :-x :$ Haven't told hubby that though, although Jake is RUBBISH at helping with the PhD.


I just dream that one day (this year, oh please this year) that I'll submit. My other dream is that Jon Bon Jovi will take me away with him - haven't told my hubs that either!


I had a lot of dreams about the viva in the run-up to submission and the big day.

And, recently, I had a dream that my PhD was rescinded :$ Nearly a year after the successful viva pass! Eek!

So the dreams don't necessarily stop :p


I had one where I was working on the PhD, doing one of my chapters, complete with notes written and pages typed. I was really bummed the next day at the office when 'all of my work was stolen'. A bit of panic ensued as I tried to figure out why anybody would have stolen notes that were in my personal version of short hand. It took me a good 30 min to figure out that I had only dreamed that I had done all of that work. What tipped it off was that I couldn't remember any details from my notes or written work. Normally I am fairly good with recalling that type of information. Needless to say, that was a rather depressing day.


I dreamed that they found out that I'd not actually done a BA or an MA and threw me out when my sup came to my house to see the work I'd been promising but never delivered and found that it was a pile of nursery rhymes.... that was a bad one! I've also had the naked in my supervisory board one (but I didn't realise I was) I'm sure that dream analysts could have great fun with us :-)


Some of these stories have really made me laugh. Especially running off with Jake Gyllenhall (sp)!
Glad it seems most people have strange PhD dreams! I've had the "naked in a strange place" dream before so will probably have that at some point. worst was when I worked as a waitress and had to serve food with a duvet wrapped round me! is pretty hard to carry plates like that!

I still want to know how my PhD novel worked....if all else fails I could become a writer as in the dream it was a cracking novel :p


oh dear, I had an awful PhD related dream once.

I once dreamt that I was having some kind of romantic involvement with my(female) old PhD supervisor. Now don't get me wrong, my supervisor was an ok woman of about 45, fairly well dressed, mostly good natured if a little stroppy when stressed, which was actually a lot of the time, and probaly a reasonable catch for someone back in the late 80s/ early 90s.

In spite of this it scared the life out of me. I had never even considered my supervisor in such a way, and never would, just NO! not to mention the fact that she has a husband with 2 children. I woke up, felt absolutely mortified, shocked, bewildered, and mortified again. And the worst of it is that this is about the only dream (or should that be nightmare?, during the dream everything seemed fine, only afterwards did I hate myself, so probably a dream)that I can remember particularly well.

this is the first time i've told anyone, I still feel embarassed now even though this was 3.5 years ago.


are you saying Cakeman that women in their 40s are past it?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!? Back in the 80s some of us were more than 'a reasonable catch' despite the shoulder pads, poodle perms and whitewashed denim!!!


did someone mention Jon Bon Jovi? Ady, you, me, OUTSIDE!! lol


I'm not saying women over the age of 45 are past it, however I should point out that being 23 at the timeo f this particular incident, My supervisor was technically old enough to be my mother. Would'nt most people find this a bit weird?


One word, coogar!!


Cakeman, I've seen things that make your dream sounds fairly normal... ;-)