Dubious admissions process


Does anyone know of a regulatory organisation for PG admissions processes?

I've recently applied for an MA at a large, reputable UK Uni. On contacting the admissions department to check they'd received my application I was told that the course leaders had recommended that all candidates undertake a week long summer school to strengthen their applications. At the end of the summer school you would be invited for an interview if they were interested in you. Now, considering the summer school is run by the Uni and costs nearly £400 it feels that we're having to buy our place on the MA and if we don't get an interview or even a place on the course we're £400 out of pocket. I don't know of any other Universities that ask applicants to shell out, can they do this and is this accepted admissions practice? UKPASS and OIA have not been able to help.

Any advice would be welcome, thanks!


You could complain to the university itself. But given the LSE gets away with £75 application fees for all their Masters courses, and I imagine there's some small print in this case to say that you can be offered a place without going on the summer school, I rather doubt there's much comeback. Where out of curiosity? My guess is either Warwick or LSE and something business / economics / finance related...


I've certainly not heard of this - very strange. Maybe they had a lot of unsuitable candidates in recent years and felt that this was the best way to see how they work in person - its expensive though and a strange way to recruit their post-grads... I'd also be interested to hear where it is!


Thanks for the replies, I'm applying to Roehampton.


I've never heard of that before and sounds ridiculous to me.

Might be worth contacting the education desk of one of the major broadsheets, sounds like the sort of story they would love to run.


Hi, sorry, Roehampton? A reputable uni, are u kidding me? Look for other options sweets.


Ah I thought it was somewhere that needed to select applicants from a big pool. I can't imagine that's the case with Roehampton given it's pretty near the bottom of any UK league tables and is only really known for Education. Given the application timetable it's unlikely to be a PGCE (but if it is then complain to the TDA as it is a bit dubious if it's a PGCE), but for any other programme there, I suspect you could just call their bluff and tell them you won't do the summer school. My betting is that they'll need your fees for the actual degree, and still offer you an MA place.


Roehampton is around rank 100 in the university ranking ... it doesnt get much worse than that. try your luk somehere else, especially if you are a non-european tuition fee paying student - all universities will love you!