Early submission in 6 weeks, viva in 7 weeks!


Well it's done- my submission date is just over 6 weeks from now, with my viva just 6 days after submission. All so I can apply for this fellowship with the silly deadline.

I had gotten used to hoping my viva would be before Xmas and not just after, and now I will be facing it in 7 weeks from now on August 10th. I am terrified! Absolutely terrified. There ain't gonna be much sleep for the next few weeks.

Any words of comfort would be much appreciated :s
A very scared KB


That's good news Keenbean! I mean I read your thread about the funding and the earlier submission date, a bit of a glitch there. But the good news is you have the chance to apply for the funding, so you get the chance to secure your position in the academia bit more long term.

I'm sure you'll do just fine:-)

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I think this is a really positive step - it will be hard, but in 8 weeks you can relax and properly relax! Having the viva so close to submission is a massive advantage too as you will be so knowledgeable about the work you won't need to read, re-read you thesis etc. (up)


To be honest when I submitted my thesis I was living and breathing the document and knew it inside and out.  A couple of months later when my viva date was agreed, I felt really disconnected with my thesis and am having to go through it all again to refresh my memory. I would have prefered to have had my viva soon after submission as the break and waiting for three months is quite depressing.  Good luck for the next six weeks, it looks like your sups are really trying to help you with post PhD progression to fellowship aswell!


Gosh that was organised fast! But yes, you'll know it inside out and back to front immediately prior to and straight after submission so it's def a good thing.

No tv or nights out for you for another 7 weeks ;-)


That's great and very fast! I've never heard of anything getting sorted out so fast so they must want you to apply for this funding. You've great supervisors who are looking out for you!

It'll be good to have your viva so soon so you can get it out of the way while it's still fresh in your head without revising! Good luck with it though you seem to have it all under control. :p


For all reasons stated below, this is a top result. Post submission to viva is a nasty time, when to read, how to read, what did i mean by this etc etc. This way - perfect.

No tv and no forum! for you for 8 weeks.


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KB I'm sure you will be fine :-) Sometimes a bit of pressure can bring out the best of you - it's easier to get into the "zone" by working intensely, rather than just chugging along.

Go for gold, give it your best and good luck with the funding!!!! Just think, it will all be over in 7 weeks!!!!! ;-)


Thanks people! I know, I am 'sort of' relieved that this will all be over in 7 weeks or so. Just a bit of a shock to go from a deadline 3.5 months away to 6 weeks away, and having the viva so soon afterwards. I am completely putting trust in my sups on this one- if they believe I can do it then I'm gonna give it a damn good go. Even if I don't get the fellowship at least this damn thesis will be out of my way :) KB


You can do it - and deserve it!


wow.... I'm looking to have a first draft done by then! Good luck wsith the submission and hope it works out with the fiunding too. Either way it'll be nice to look back in 7 weeks and a day and know it's done!