Eeeeek- dilemma! How would you feel about this?


Hey all!

So I had my 3rd year review today, which went fine, my committee were happy with my progress etc.

However, I have a dilemma on my hands. Recently a call for funding came up (fellowships), but it turns out you needed to have passed your viva by the middle of September to apply for it. As my submission date isn't even until 30th September, and I was expecting a December viva, I just forgot about it. But today, my second sup asked why I wasn't applying (he thinks I would have a reasonable chance), and when I explained the deadline situation he suggested I bring my submission forwards and try to arrange an early viva.

Basically this would mean that I would have to submit around 6 weeks from now, instead of 3.5 months. In that time I would also have to apply for the funding, since the deadline is the end of July. This completely depends on whether my external examiner is able and willing to bring my viva forward to August/early Sept, and how long she needs to examine my thesis before the viva, but my sup thinks it is likely she will be okay with it, and I will know within a day or two anyway.

In terms of the thesis I've got all but one chapters written, with several accepted for publication and three more due to be submitted for publication in the next few weeks. I just have one chapter to write from scratch, although the intro and discussion need refining. So I could probably do it. My committee said today that they were confident I could submit in 6 weeks and get a pass, but the difference might be in how extensive the corrections are. And of course I would have to put together a fairly complicated application for this fellowship in the meantime too.

I'm worried about sacrificing the quality of my thesis to put in an application for something that I only really have a slim chance of getting, although my sups say I have a good chance compared to other funding calls at the mo. But if I don't apply for it this year it won't come round for about another 3 years. Would you go for it?

Help! KB


Do you think if you submitted early you will still pass with minor corrections? If so, go for it. When correcting your thesis, you can always bring it up to the quality that you originally intended it to be.


Dont overthink and just do it.

IMO fellowship beats "quality of thesis" hands down. Plus they wouldn't suggest you submit early if they didn't think you should.

Again don't overthink and self-obsess about it like a lot of people on here. Make a decision and go for it. What's the worst that will happen? You might not get fellowship but you will have thesis finished earlier, or, if you find out you havent even made the cut for interviews, then you can fully focus on the thesis.

No more procrastinating. Do it.


Hi KB, I would devise a timeplan of work that needs to be done within the new timeframe. If it looks feasible, and with sups backing (which sounds like you have already), then I would go for it. In my limited experience of wrtiting my thesis, I found I got to a point where I could procrastinate no more. A thesis is like a living document that can always be modified, edited, extended etc and I think you have to draw the line and submit. Obviously, I have yet to have my viva and only that will highlight whether I submitted hastily.... :$


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Just go for it!  What have you got to lose? If you don't you will have to wait another 3 years! I was told at a workshop on preparing for your viva that most students make the mistake of hanging onto their theses trying to get it perfect but it doesn't have to be a masterpiece but of good enough quality to pass.  This is research training so it should not define you although it certainly feels like it as the best is yet to come as you develop your career! Very few people actually read theses - most just wait for the publications which is what counts these days!

Good luck (up)


Def go for it(up) and it's a great vote of confidence in you from your supervisors both in terms of applying for the project and submitting your thesis :-)


Absolutely go for it!

6 weeks is the same deadline as mine, and if you plan it well, you have plenty of time to do it.

Write out everything you need to do to get your thesis finished, and assigned the minimum you need to do each day to get them done. Once you can see that you have enough days to do what you want to do, it'll make you feel a lot calmer and able to focus on the actual work.


KB - echoing all other comments - do it.
No-one will ever read your thesis, it's your ticket to other things. It needs to be good enough and that's all. Your publication acceptances suggest that its better than good already.
This is a wonderful opportunity and one that those who know you and your work are backing you for.
Six weeks is plenty of time, you'll be amazed what you can do when the clocking is counting down.


As others have said - definitely go for it! Good luck :-)


Thanks everyone- you've pretty much backed my instinct to go for it! I haven't heard from the external yet so it all depends on that really but if she's okay with it then I'm gonna give it a go! Still a bit scary though! Cheers, KB


A bit scary but very exciting - your PhD seems to have gone so quickly! I hope you get the news you want from your external, and I'm sure you'll be fine - good luck!


Go for it! This is an opportunity you can't miss!


I'd go for it if I were you. ^_*..That's an opportunity you shouldn't miss. ;-)

Keep on keeping on...