equations in Word?


Is there an easy way of typing up equations in Word 2007?


There's an option under the insert tab for equations. It's where you find the bit for adding symbols. Other than that I don't know.


The equations part of word 2007 isn't great if you have complicated equations because it seems to take forever to get it into the right format because word likes to helpful and automatically change things sometimes (I speak from past experience). However it does have all of the symbols and mathematical operators you need. Good luck!


I use equation editor in Word which allows you to save it once the equation is typed so it is easy to re-insert the same equation later. Some symbols that I need are not there in the mathematical section but can be found in the foreign letters sections. Once you have used a symbol it seems to stay in the immediate window for ease of further use. I find that you can present your equations in a few different formats by right clicking on the equation box, oh and it also aligns them all up left, right, centre etc.

Generally easy to use once you have got the idea of how it works!


Dunni, is the equation editor an add-on? If so, is it free? I've had a quick look but I can't find anything. The trouble is writing quite complex integrations -- I haven't been able to get the formatting right. Plus it takes so long inserting everything symbol by symbol. It's basically environmental physics so it is quite maths heavy. I wanted to use LaTeX but I need to write in Word to pass drafts to my supervisors. Trouble is I only have Open Office at home and Word 2007 at Uni. Every time I switch from Word to Open Office and vice versa all my equations are misaligned. There must be a better way of doing this, it's driving me crazy.


As far as I was aware Equation Editor is built into Word.

Not sure what version you're using but here is for 2003:



Oh I'm a buffoon I should read more closely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I blame lack of sleep!



If I were you, if things are really complicated I would do them on another sheet, get them right and then cut and paste them in, this means if they send everything else haywire you can have another go. Also make sure you save everything before embarking on the insertion of equations, then if everything goes wrong you can abandon it and still have the rest of the document intact. It might help to put them in a box, this doesn't need to appear as a box when you have it right, just right click and select no line, no-one will know what you have done then!


Hi Cornflower, yes the equation editor is part of the Word 2007 that I have. I have found with this Office package that I sometimes have had to 'add on' programme parts from the original disk, ie stats facility in Excel. It is in the 'Insert' menu and on the far right there is an icon that says 'equation'. You can click on the equation symbol to insert your own or click on the down arrow for any prefix equations or for ones that you have saved.

With your issues of using Word or Open Office and the files rearranging themselves, have you considered saving in compatability mode or using a facility such as dropbox?