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equations in Word?

There's an option under the insert tab for equations. It's where you find the bit for adding symbols. Other than that I don't know.

Weird question - Touch up on Graduation photos?!

A friend of mine got her teeth whitened with her graduation photos.  Her teeth looked odd in the photo to me. If you don't feel you need it I wouldn't...but then it's all personal preference.

Percentage of getting the scholarship

Really depends on how the scholarships are allocated, but you have already acknowledged this.

I had three different supervisors accept me for their PhDs and therefore applied for three scholarships, failed for two, and got one. I applied to other places (which came with funding) while I waited though, since you really don't want to put all your eggs in one basket. Then again the other places didn't require me to apply to the same funding body, since they came with funding, so that might affect it. Also each of the scholarships I applied for came from different sources too.

This will give you an idea at least...or I hope it does anyway.

Have any of you rejected authorship

I'm not sure I understand. It seems to me though that there is no harm in accepting. They'll use your work regardless and at least you get something out of it. As I say I may have missed something but that is the way I see it.

Hope you feel better about it all soon though...it's a shame you feel that way about your supervisor and that they'd behave that way.

How do you postgrads afford living?

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Sneaks has given you some good ideas of how to earn a bit extra on the side, so I won't add to that.  The only thing I can say is that I've converted the amount you shall be getting to sterling and I've lived off less for 4 years as I did my degree. Of course I don't know if where you'll be studying has high living costs (so if it does then my experience will not really apply) but I managed with most of my sanity. :p

So I think it is doable and I think you would survive.  You just need to be very careful with your spending...I'm not a big fan of loans but if you felt you needed better living standards for your final year then maybe you could get a loan then...or simply so you can give up the extra work to focus on writing up.

So my point...I think it is doable but if you can get the extra work then even better.

Good luck!

My supervisor send me a friend request on FB!

Also if you are using the excuse of not checking FB then it is logical to assume you also ignore all the spam FB messages that are emailed to you. ;-)

My supervisor send me a friend request on FB!

Haha I think you should accept...My supervisor has some of his PhD students on his FB...he hasn't added me though :(

reference management software

Hi Jjdempsey,

Like DanB said most people seem to like Endnote. As it's not free I don't use it. I've got a combination of things...Connotea to store the papers I have found online, Zotero for referencing in my word documents and OneNote to keep the notes I have made on the papers I have read. I've just started my PhD so no idea if it will work in the long run but it worked quite well for my undergrad.

Motivation Song

Haha...Got to love The Simpsons.

Motivation Song

This video was sent to me by my supervisor today...I think it is quite true and should apply to more than just science students


Enjoy! :-)


Ok I don't understand that reasoning at all.  It's just cheating not a way to remove a headache. If you are studying something you enjoy then doing these assignments should be your favourite thing.  You get to research and examine something that is of great interest in your subject. Assignments were my favourite way of learning...and it lets you explore your subject in a different way than just simply turning up to lectures.

Not doing assignments yourself is just wasting your time at uni...


Congratulations! Excellent news.

Whats happens at a PhD interview

Clothes first...Dark trousers, nice shoes and a smart top/shirt.  You might feel it is too much but then it shows that these informal chats still mean a lot to you.

As for what to expect, from my own experience you are generally asked about your research interests, projects you may have done before such as undergrad or masters work, why you want to undertake a PhD, what you hope to gain from it and what you would like to do in the future.

If you have your own proposal then obviously they will want to discuss it but if it's their own project then they will ask why you are interested in it.  It would be good if you could give some insight into the project beyond what they have said but if not then don't worry, sounding interested and enthusiastic is more than enough.

Hope this is of some use and good luck with it all! :-)

Pamelaspage's Time to Write Up Thread

I quite like these threads. It gives us all a chance to see someone at work, which inspires us, but also the chance to support them. The forum would be lacking something without them :p

Also well done on completing your first goal of the day!

Now that's what I call music...76!

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Excellent idea for a thread! :-)

I would like to include:

Kate Bush - Babooshka (got me through my final year dissertation)

Cat Stevens - Peace Train (simply a song that makes me smile)

Bob Dylan - Most of the Time (Alternative version)