Getting desparate now!


I know this is daft but can I read anything in to the fact that my viva is on a Friday afternoon. (No is the answer I am sure).
Maybe they know it will all go smoothly and everyone can get away early on a Friday for a splendid weekend. Or maybe they don't want to be around after in case case i don't know what!

I'm in panic mode but I have bought highlighter pens and read some stuff on vivas so I will be calm when I sit down properly to go through things.


I have no viva related stories, but it my experience of trying to get more than one senior academic in a room at the same time, you're lucky the viva wasn't 8am on the last day of term, or at a weekend. ;)

I really don't think there's anything to be read into it other than that this was when they were both free.

Hope the highlighters soothe your nerves! :)


Hiya Pam

All the best ! I believe that you are well-prepared for this moment. I also have heard from many friends that a viva on Friday is supposed to be less stressful as the examiners would be looking forward to the weekend ;-)

Hehehe...just don't get nervous ok ! Good luck !


Don't panic. Friday afternoon isn't any sort of sign at all. You're reading too much into this.

I'd view it positively: after it's all over you get the weekend to recover too!

Do your preparation as planned for the viva. And best of luck with it.


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Think you're over-thinking;-)

I agree with Hazyjane that it's just a case of finding a mutually acceptable time for all concerned. Mine was originally a Wednesday but then moved to a Thursday because (and I only found this out later) my supervisor himself had a viva on the Wednesday where he was the external examiner!

Good luck with the prep (up)


If your examiners are external from another city, they put it on a Friday to spend the weekend in the new city :) At least this is what I would do, rather than spent a day commuting back and forth! Good luck!!!!


Mine was a Friday afternoon, scheduled for 3pm! First thing me examiners said was "let's try and get this finished before 5 as no one wants to be here late on a Friday!"
I wouldn't read too much into it, for me it was the only time my external and internal could both do.


Me...analysing too much...never!


This seems timely! (read the subtitle)

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Good luck with it Pam- I'm sure you will do really well though.


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Well if all else fails and when I'm under stress I always think about, that I can always fall back on my Master's

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