got post doc, feel like I will be revealed as a fraud


I got postdoc, which is fantastic, but the euphoria of getting the post has slowly been overshadowed by the feeling that I have had since masters - that I am fooling people and eventually someone is going to realise. Evryone else seemsso self confident and assured about their work, but most of the time I feel timid and stupid. Anyone else have these feelings?


This usually happens to me when I start a new job/programme. In time, when I get to know the people around me and I start getting accolades for the quality of my work, I convince myself that it's just in my mind and that I'm not "that bad".


I feel like that in my job sometimes...but my project so far seems to be going well. Every mistake or piece of theory I don't remember makes me feel like this. I expected so much more of myself. I feel like with my education and experience I should be better.


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Btw if you have PhD, how can you feel timid and stupid? Your PhD had to be accepted...isn't that enough assurance in your competence?


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I have read about this sort of feeling many places. It is quite natural for many phd students to feel this way. A fraud. Even I feel this way sometimes. It will wear out with time, experience, and getting into one's comfortable zone.

Best of luck for the postdoc. You have something that many others wish to have. Make the best out of it. And try to conceal your feelings. Always put up a confident front. It works. People love and are attracted to confidence. And suddenly, even if you screw up (which will happen from time to time taken you are human), it won't feel any bad.


Well done for getting the postdoc. I too often feel like a fraud, I only hope to fool everyone as long you have.