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I'm in trouble

The fact that you acknowledge the problem is, by itself, a positive thing.

Help! Can't decide between two studentships

I have been offered two studentships and I am trying to decide which one to choose. This is the scenario:

Offer A:
* University does not have a great ranking, but it is in a country I really like in Western Europe.
* Topic is linked to my MSc thesis. Extremely interesting but lots of things left to learn.
* I don't know anything about my potential supervisor.
* 3 year programme.

Offer B:
* Red brick university with good ranking, but in a country I don't think I'd like (one of the Baltic States).
* Topic is linked to my many years of work experience, which gives me significant leverage, as acknowledged by my potential supervisor.
* Seasoned supervisor.
* 4 year programme.

Which one do you think I should choose? How important is the reputation of the university when it comes to finding a job afterwards? What other factors do you consider important when weighing options like these ones?
Your advise will be greatly appreciated.

got post doc, feel like I will be revealed as a fraud

This usually happens to me when I start a new job/programme. In time, when I get to know the people around me and I start getting accolades for the quality of my work, I convince myself that it's just in my mind and that I'm not "that bad".

USA or UK for computer science Phd

I have a similar dilemma. I have been offered two studentships for a PhD in Comp. Sci.; one in Estonia and the other one in the UK, and I think it is very likely that I will be offered a 3rd one in Canada later this month... But I just can't decide which one to accept. The Canadian faculty are experts in my favourite research area (funding still unknown), the Estonian studentship is closely linked to my work experience (excellent funding), while the UK one is in between these two (acceptable funding, but I love the UK). What do you think I should do?
BTW: I am from the Dominican Republic as well.


Studentships: always "short-listed" but never selected.

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Dear friends,

I have been applying for several studentships I have found in the web without any success. I have been "short-listed" but not selected two times now and I must admit, that makes me feel really disappointed in myself. Both times I have been told that I was the 2nd option after the top-ranked candidate.

I think it is pretty strange to be short-listed all the time but never selected. Do you know if is a common practice for the professors to lie about the non-successful candidates being "the 2nd choice" and "short-listed" just because they don't want to discourage you from trying once more somewhere else?

I really need to know. Please help.