Got the job :)))


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After a rather long day I've been offered the post-doc I was interviewed for this morning! Really pleased- it's only for a year but it's in a team I really wanted to get onto so I'm more than happy with that! Hoping to work on proposals with them to stay on after the first year if all goes well....just gotta pass my viva now!

Keep plodding people- it just goes to show that even if you don't get the original job you went for (as in my case), if you make a good impression you will be remembered and they might even offer you a different job! The job I've just been offered is actually more senior than the one I went for a fortnight ago within the same team, although I have to admit, I would have preferred the other project lol! But so pleased to get something sorted!

Best, KB


Congratulations :) Really chuffed for you. Good luck for next week with the viva.


one down, one to go. Many congrats :-)

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WOW that's wonderful. Well done and thanks for letting us know it does happen!




Well done, Keenbean! So glad you got it after years of hard work and tolerance. Hope the new team will keep your spirits up, from your experience we know for sure that people with whom you work are as much important as the work you do. Good luck with your viva!(up)


Hey well done KB! I was wondering how you were getting on today and am so pleased for you (Have you told your sup yet, bet you will be pleased to do so!!). Now on with the viva prep (up)


Well done!!!!!!
Now viva prep (and I will be waiting to read good news from your viva)!!!!!


Great news, things seem to be falling into place for you, KB!

Well deserved and nice to read. :-)


Fantastic news Keenbean!

What a great time for you! You must be so happy! 8-)


That's fantastic news. It all seems to be coming together for you. Is the job in the same area where you've been based or require a move?

Fingers crossed for your viva next week :-)


Thanks everyone- I am really happy, although it's hard to celebrate properly with the viva hanging over me. Haven't done any prep at all yet so really need to knuckle down now.

Hey Catalinbond- it's at a different uni, so will need to move. It's about 130 miles from where I am now, so not a massive move, but a move nevertheless. Luckily it's still close to my family (about the same distance away from them as I am now but in a different direction) and my boyf will be moving with me, so that will make it easier. Been here for 8 years now though so it's gonna be a bit strange!!

Best, KB

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well done Keenbeen, I hope you'll be staying on here as a postdoc (up)


Well done, that's great news! :-)





you are a star!:-)(up)(up):-)