Had my PhD viva




CONGRATS, Wally! That's wonderful news :-)


Just saw this, well done Walminksi!!



Just saw this too - very many congratulations. Nice to see you have completed after all the years you have been on here. As another forum oldie it is nice to see people's "story" completed :)


I've just seen this Wally, congratulations!! As others have said you really deserve it, and we never doubted you'd be anything other than great. Good luck with the corrections, I've still not got mine done, haven't had a minute :$ - don't be like me, get them done asap!!


Now get on with your corrections as soon as possible and then you can put it all aside and progress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Congratulations Dr Walminski!!! Well done!

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Wally! That's such wonderful news... we will see your name in lights yet.

At least your corrections are minor, even if they are daft.

And here's a congratulatory robin, because you too can now fly free.




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just one question Wal - was it a better feeling than getting 5 stars? 8-)




Quote From sneaks:

just one question Wal - was it a better feeling than getting 5 stars? 8-)

No, it really wasn't as exciting as getting 5 stars. I thought I'd be more excited about passing my PhD and I've been waiting and waiting to feel really ecstatic about it all. I suppose this is what happens when you're close to turning 30: no interest in cartoons, computer games or anything fun. More likely, I think I built the viva up to be some vicious battle at the top of Mount Everest (al la Lord of the Rings; my external saying 'you shall not pass!'), thus being some massive achievement. Instead, I now just read the Daily Mail and Telegraph websites, tut and shake my head at the world self-righteously. If I'd have had to pay for my PhD, I think I'd be asking for my money back - it's like going on a roller coaster that doesn't even go upside down. Probably should have studied for Doctor of the Universe.

It was funny after my viva. My supervisors said to me, 'what are you going to do now it's all over?' I wasn't sure, so I just said 'do another PhD'. Not a chance! I have got job interviews coming up anyway, so maybe I'll get all excited once I've got a job. I'm also going to get a passport and go flying on an aeroplane. I fancy going continental.

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Congratulations Walminski. That's really great news...maybe once the numbness has worn off, a sort of quiet happiness will settle in, ala Bilbo or Frodo after the big quest (but if you're only 30 then that sounds pretty boring) so instead, I'm wishing you a joyful, wild and wonderful happiness instead, perhaps to be found on your travels in the continent!:-)(up)


Sorry Wal am frightfully late, CONGRATULATIONS DOCTOR!! (up)

Have not been logging on - as (a) got a job so have been interviewing and (b) submitting in 4 weeks so stretched thin :( Sooooooo happy and encouraged to hear your news. Am off to a European country with a post-doc soon after submission, so will miss everything here.

I wonder what the pre-viva moments must feel like. Even thinking about it knots up my insides.


It's probably my age but I have no idea how I missed this thread - major congratulations! (up)