How do you convert word file to a PDF?


How do you convert word file to a PDF file?

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You start by searching Google.


You can get PDFcreator here:

It should tell you what to do.


Open Office (free to download) has a word processor that comes with an option to export to .PDF


Qiqqa ( has a Word to PDF convertor on the Start Page/Tools menu.

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On Office 2007, 2010 and the forthcoming 2013, when you save off the file you can chose to save your word file as a PDF. Make sure you staill save as a Word file too as you will not be able to edit the PDF.

This page will tell you more.

Note on Office 2007, you may have to download an extra Add-In to add this feature.


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Quote From jimme:
Qiqqa ( has a on the Start Page/Tools menu.

Thanks for your sharing. I wonder it is totally free or not?


Hello.I usually

by a pdf converter.But my converter is not free,is there any free pdf to word covertor?


Here is a link where you can convert audio files to text free. Also you can find there many other formats of audio for converting to text. I transcribe 60-min-speech just in 8-10 minutes.