How to economise


Another is the whole mobile phone, iPod, etc.thing, do you need a phone that takes pictures and plays music? A basic phone model with the most basic and cheap plan is surely all anyone has to have---if indeed you need the mobile phone at all. I know people think they are essential, but they aren't. Just try leaving it at home, and see. People ask how they can reach me without a mobile, and I say, phone me on my landline, email me, or knock on my door.


Can you find accommodation that includes energy costs? That way if the energy prices go up, you are not suddenly paying an unplanned for larger bill each month/quarter/whatever your billing period is. Find free local entertainment, rather than paying expensive amounts for film tickets. Read books ( not for research!). Sleep. Its free. It passes the time. Its healthy. Exercise by walking or running, rather than paying for a gym.


Have a look at

You can sign up for an e-mail which has weekly moneysaving hints & tips and on the site there's a huge forum with all kinds of message boards so that if you are thinking of making a purchase you can check it out on there first / ask a question. The bargain-hunters are sure to know where to get it cheapest.

There's also a board for money saving old style which has some useful (and some slightly bizarre!) ways of economising.


Also, instead of going to the theatre/cinema/comedy go and see BBC radio & TV programmes being recorded. Lots of them are in London so local to you and its free. You can see the list here but I think others you need to sign up to receive an e-mail:

I haven't been to any myself yet but I'm keeping an eye on what's available.


I have been to radio recordings, which I found very enjoyable, I think that TV shows may be more hassle.
As well as Moneysavingexpert, is useful for discount deals and money off vouchers. Cashback places like quidco and topcashback are also worth looking at. I've had over £400 back over the past three years - they get paid commission for referring sales, and they pay (most of) it back to you.


This is going to sound quite smug, but we stopped buying bread after my partner got a book called 'Dough' for Christmas. It shows you how to make bread quickly without using a breadmaker. It doesn't take too much time because you can allow the dough to rise overnight in the fridge. You can get yeast for free from some supermarket bakeries, and you can get a 1.5 kg bag of wholemeal flour for about £1. A third of that bag makes an 800g loaf costing 33p. If you like baking, it is a relaxing way to save money. Thanks for all the other tips. It's Aldi, the local butcher and the international grocers for me all the way now.


I'm not a student anymore, but I'm still poverty stricken most of the time so I know a thing or two about economy!

Aldi - I worship at the temple of Aldi! On average, shopping that will cost you £50 at Tescos will only come to £30-£35 at Aldi and not be any the worse for quality/flavour.

Grow your own! You really don't need a garden to grow some fresh veg...if you have a windowsill you can grow a trough of mixed salad leaves, rocket, chives, coriander, spring onions and one tomato plant will provide you with enough fruit to last you for weeks!

Charity shops and car boot sales - cash in on the quality castoffs of those considerably richer than you! It's a wonderful British tradition that has been going on for centuries! Pat yourself on the back for reducing your carbon footprint too by recycling and promoting sustainability of materials!


Cut out meat and dairy and watch the price of food shopping plummet....


That's true. I've been avoiding meat cos of the cost; buying a lot more beans and daal. But then how do you avoid mild anaemia or flaky nails?


i too am trying to economise at the moment- i'll be going to the BL in London every two weeks in July (i'm from scotland) so i've set aside accommodation, flight, food, travel in london, costs for the next 3 months. Gonna be so tough. For the times when i'm back in scotland, i live with my parents so i'm lucky that way.

I can only afford to go to London every two weeks, for 3-4 nights at a time- if i find out that i will need to visit for longer due to just going to have to be that bit nicer to mum and dad i guess!!!


Re: flaky nails, anaemia = red kidney beans, tinned fish, dark green veg.


Avoid anaemia - When you see it coming, cross the road!


He he.

I'm not (anaemic), mind you, I was just wondering if you would become slighly low in iron/B12 etc if you gave up all animal products.


And don't tell me to eat Marmite, I'd sooner eat my own slippers


I havn't eaten meat for 17 years and fish for 15. I'm in no way anaemic (or at least I pass the test whenever I give blood) and do not have flakey nails. (don't know on the B12 thing, how do you test it? all i know is I'm very rarely ill)

I do eat cheese, and a lot of leafy veg, some beans and other pulses but not a great deal. I don't think you really need red meat, and don't think you'll become anaemic if cutting down. (unless prone to anaemia maybe? I know my mum was anaemic for years despite eating red meat)