I just...


...did my first 'proper' 2 hour lecture for 40 undergrads :-) I'm so proud of myself considering I couldn't say boo to a goose last year, and they also sort of understood what I was saying woohoo!

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Well done Button! (up)

Now have some chocolate!


Yay! Nice work, Button. Everytime you do it you'll just gain more confidence now. Well done!


Well done Button - I'll be coming to you for advice when I start teaching! You've only just started your PhD haven't you, it sounds like you've started teaching really early which is even more of an achievement - did your supervisors put you on a teaching course first? Nx


Way to go, Button! That's fantastic :-)


Hi Button,

Congratulations.  Geese had better watch out now.

Could I ask how did you structure the two hours ? What worked best ?  etc

Well done again. (up)


Awesome! That's a great achievement.
Please tell us more...


Thanks all!

Natassia- yes I have just started my PhD, but I haven't been on any training or anything. I did get a couple of books though about HE teaching in general. I was asked to do some seminar tutoring by my Department (usually it is just second and third years but my supervisor mentioned that I was interested) so I'm doing that weekly which I love. This has given me so much confidence in the 8 weeks that I've been doing it- I know longer go red when I talk! This is a massive achievement for me, as I used to go bright red and blotchy when I talked in a lecture, or when I was in a nervous situation! I got asked by my supervisor to take the lecture that I took yesterday, as I had introduced her to the area that the lecture was on, due to my Masters research. She sent me a little note to say how happy she was about the lecture, and that I had given a "very confident presentation" woo!

I was advised to spend the first hour of the lecture doing my talking and also having a short break, and then the last hour giving the students some tasks to do. So based on this, I broke down my talking part into 3 areas which lasted around 15 minutes each. I didn't think I'd have much to say but my talking aactually went over, so it just goes to show that spare time is needed! I also set the students three tasks to do, but they only managed to get the first tasks done, because of the subject being new to them, and also because most of them were too busy talking. So this is something to bear in mind!


Congratulations and well done :)