I resubmited my thesis


Dear all. Do you remember me? Today I resubmited my thesis, after having done the corrections requested by my examiners (I really really hope they like them). My viva was in the end of 2011. I just took ages to resubmit because of serious mental health issues. I cross my fingers that this is going to be the end of the nightmare and that I will be Dr Marasp soon. I will keep you informed.


Good luck! I hope it works out for you! Let us know when you find out:)


I remember you! Good luck and keep us informed!

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Of course that I remember, and I am delighted for you. Well done!


Good luck Marasp. I remember you and have my fingers crossed that it's good news.


Happy for you ! I remember you. I am sure an doctorate will be conferred on you soon. Good luck and keep us updated!


Hey Marasp. Of course I remember you! :)

Aside from my hellish wait for examiners verdict following my resubmission, I got through it with no problems and graduated soon after. It IS possible to obtain a PhD after a resubmission. . My viva was also in 2011 and with all the waiting and delays, I obtained my PhD in 2013. Despite the delays and journey, I started my postdoc research fellow position days after my PhD graduation, so my resubmission had no impact on career progression (thank God!).

Wishing you all the best.

Massive congratulations for getting through it and submitting.

Send as many PMs if it helps. I can totally appreciate the unique stressors entailed with this resubmission process.

I sincerely hope they inform you of a decision shortly.

Thinking of you! x


Hi there. It all went smoothly. I had to resubmit now, as the university could not give me any more extensions on medical ground; but I received plenty of support from the department and the health services of my university (including special counseling) and I managed to do all revisions in time - and even took an extra week to read through the thesis over an over again. I have been taking anxiety medication. Therefore, I did the revisions mostly 'stress-free'. I only got stressed the night before resubmission, but that's only natural.


Hi Marasp

Like many others I remember your posts and the stress and anxiety you were under. Delighted to hear you have resubmitted. Nothing to do now but relax ;)


A message to many friends out there: please don't give up!!!! Take some time off the thesis if you like, but please don't give up. Doing a PhD is a tremendous time-consuming process - naturally, sh*t will happen. Keep going, try! Try, because if you don't try, then you have zero chance to succeed. But if you try, then you get a chance to make a dream come true. Pineapple, and all of you, thank you for being 'there' for me. I wish you all best of luck!

I don't know what the result will be, but I am very proud of what I have achieved already. I am now looking forward to the future.
I don't know what I am doing next. Obviously, my health is a priority, but potentially I would love to have a 'proper' full time job, and I am discussing a post-doc too. It all depends on the examiners, I suppose.


The thesis passed the turnitin testing today. No plagiarim was detected. It is now sent to the examiners. I will keep you informed next when the university gets back to me with the final result. Thanks for all the support. 5 days have passed since I submitted and I still feel like a zombi.


When you say no plagiarism was detected.. what was your score? I always get at least some percentage...


I do not know the score, even though I know that turnitin works with percentages.. I received an email from my supervisor, and another one from my department, which clearly stated that no signs of plagiarism were detected, and that all resources and 'quotes' were cited according to university regulations.