I think I’m ph**ked


I have just stepped out of a really AWFUL viva, having passed with minor corrections. However, the whole discussion was a constant onslaught of negative remarks, particularly in regard to my epistemological stance (which apparently I didn’t have) and my lack of critical evaluation and authorial voice. For two hours it seemed like my examiners had nothing positive to say about the thesis.
I’m really confused and deeply disappointed by the whole experience. I’m mostly confused how I’ve even passed. I’ve had a look at the remarks from my external (she gave me her marked up copy of the thesis) and it’s overwhelming how many errors and changes there seem to be.
I’m obviously now waiting on the report to come through, but with a remark like “you need to go and read how to do a literature review”, how on earth am I going to get through it all in 3 months?? I need some advice and encouragement please because right now, I don’t know what to do (except cry)


That sounds horrendous but firstly take the win....CONGRATULATIONS on passing with minor corrections. That's great news.

You can't do anything else until you get their report in so take a few much needed days off and celebrate. I know it's hard but try not to think about what needs to be done until you know what actually needs to be done.


I think most people come out of their viva fixated on the negative bits and forgetting the positive bits, which if you got minor corrections there must be a lot of and I suspect your report will reflect that. It is just stressful to be on the spot like that and that is a natural reaction - it's like getting teaching evaluations and obsessing about the only nasty remark in a sea of good things. They can't ask you to do any major revisions in three months as it has to be doable. Relax, celebrate, talk to your supervisors if they had chance to speak with the examiners but really you've done well.


They obviously think that only minor corrections are needed. You'll do it!! Congratulations on passing your viva :-)


Congratulations. I passed my viva not long ago with minor corrections and my examiners said to me at the end of the viva the list of corrections is quite long but a lot will be typos so don't panic. I haven't seen my list yet as they get two weeks to give it to the university who then send me a formal report. My advice which I will also probably take is if you found any mistakes when reading the thesis especially typos correct them now before they send you the report because a lot of them will be picked up on by them. This will save you time in case they have any major time consuming admendments.