Is Cardiff University a good choise???


I have been offered 2PhD funded positions, one at Cardiff University(School of Pharmacy) an another one at Max Delbruck Institute in Berlin(Germany). I'm confused, does someone know these institutes?


Hi I don't know your particular department - but the University of Cardiff is a good one for the sciences - lots of good research going on there

I spent about 4-5 months of my PhD working in collaboration with a lab there and enjoyed it

Cardiff is a great city - it is quite a university town ao there is always plenty going on there

The accomodation is well priced, but I would take a look at any potential flats first as quite a few of them are a bit shabby


i've just looked at the german institute's website. it seems to be part of the helmholtz gemeinschaft which is a very reputable german science network (also famous internationally), a sort-of rival of the max-planck-gesellschaft which you might have heard of. it also seems to colloborate with the charité, also VERY reputable (internationally).

helmholtz and max-planck are THE top research institutions/foundations in germany and known internationally.


Sorry, I don't understand why you haven't researched these institutions for yourself before applying?


I had a look of the insitutes before appliing, but I am Italian and I wonted to speak to someone who know personal has been working there


The problem is that I live in Italy and I have a job in my country, I work for a pharmaceuticall industry (Wyeth) but I don't like the job at all; I have always wanted to do a PhD because I want to became a scientist and now I am very there somebody in the same situation?


^^ you're probably better starting a new thread to ask that question. Quite a few people have posted lately regarding PhDs and working or not working for pharma companies.


thank you for your advise


Pharma company or PhD?

wich is better?