It hath been done. :) (handed in)


That's great news buddy. I envy you. (up)


congratulations and well done!!!:-):-). An inspiration to all us poor souls who are still in the middle of it, proves it can be done!


Thanks for all your comments people! :) Just read the thesis through - and there are a number of typos in there that escaped. :(


hi chrisrolinski
CONGRATULATIONS!!! typos are ok, you can fix them in no time :-)
Thanks for the wonderful news
love satchi


I'm still finding typos after final hard bound corrected theses went in months ago! It's just an inevitable fact of life.


I find typos in published books!! There is no way under heaven that with 80k+ words that all of them will be perfect lol - its a fact of life and a limitation of word's spell checker lol. STOP READING IT lmao :p - its your weekend of relaxation and relief after the hell of completion and submission - why are you reading it - there's months for that woman - put it down and go get some hardcore sunbathing/wine drinking/chocolate eating in 8-)



You must be so proud of yourself that you've done it despite all the difficulties! You're an inspiration!

Hope you're taking some well deserved time to relax and unwind!!


Well done Chrisrolinski
Great stuff and be happy. Dont be too amazed at the quality and sophistication of your thesis, its argumnts and contributions to knowledge when you revisit it sometime this summer . . . It is all yours and you wrote it. Enjoy it.
BYE vernontrafford


congrats there is light at the end of the tunnel