Jojo is looking for a boyfriend


Dammit, we missed out on Stevenage?

Sorry you're not feeling too good Jojo. Don't worry, that bracing North Sea air will soon have you feeling better...


thanks everyone.... am feeling a lot better now.. guess it's the choco muffins..

n the prospects this coming weekend.

coz there are so many clock towers where you're at, why don you pick me up..... we could agree on a time n place.. it's almost Friday!!!!

one more day. still playin hard to get?


hey everyone..

things didn quite work out as planned last weekend. . i've gotten over it tho.

been chillin out over the last couple of days, met this american guy (Mia/ Sixkitten ;) )..will keep you posted.

all my love,



Did I miss something...what happened to thecoastman? I thought we were heading for a forum wedding.

Hmmm. I think jojo might be a little bit boy-crazy


Jojo. Cillavester needs an update!