Minor corrections awarded following resubmission

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Congratulations Dr Pineapple! (Sort of sounds good doesn't it? Dr Pineapple...Gives the old Pineapple moniker 'respect'! :)
I am truly very happy for you. This news made me smile today -so well deserved and always encouraging news for the rest of us to hear as we toil onwards...
Have a fantastic week and well done!


Thank you :) for the lovely messages! Still doesn't feel real. My family and friends seem to be more happier than me! After the initial tears and serious shakes, I just felt relieved to receive a response from my examiners. Also fear I'm going to have to justify why this PhD has taken me so long to complete, but I'm happy to justify that by identifying long wait for viva, cancelled viva 2 weeks before viva, search for new examiner, few months wait for viva with new examiners, one year to make corrections and long wait for examiners verdict! :). All in all, lots of waiting!!

I'm waiting for the list of minor corrections, but I've made a start correcting some of the small typos and missed references that I've spotted.

Also squeezing out numerous articles for publication from my thesis. Lots of Pineapple (2013) articles! :)

However, saddened to receive some comments from others that I was awarded minor corrections because of the forthcoming Ref, to protect the department (and my well known supervisors) from a PhD fail and because of nice PhD examiners. :( Some even said that if Pineapple can obtain a PhD, then I'm sure I can obtain one :(

Anyway, I'm well aware that my examiners had the power to fail me at any point and even I can see my PhD findings are very new to my field! Going to ignore those rather negative comments and finish fixing these missed references etc that I've spotted so far. Deep down delighted to receive minor corrections :)


Congrats! You should be delighted - you've waited so long and deserve to finally have a good outcome.
Dont listen to those horrible people, universities are full of people who bitch and moan - that doesnt mean what they are saying is true. Your publications alone will prove the nay-sayers wrong. Good luck!


Yay! You waited so long without falling apart. Very strong of you. Glad to hear that the sluggish characters finally deigned to contact you! It must be such a relief. Hurrah for Pineapple and may you vanquish the minor corrections with utmost celerity, thereby paving the way for never being a student again. How nice that would be... one can only imagine...


Hi Pineapple - I just wanted to say don't pay any attention to those idiots posting negative comments - if your supervisors are truly well known then they won't be relying on your PhD for REF, as the main focus of REF is on publications and output, so your sups will only be submitting 4 papers, and I'd imagine they will have names on more than 4. Plus, unless your department is really small and has a high drop-out/late finishing rate, one PhD student won't affect REF too much. And I'm sure if you were to fail, your department/supervisors would be able to pass it off easily as a crap student who didn't bother doing the appropriate amount of work etc, it's easier to blame the student for non-submission that the department (even if that's not always the case...).
so don't you worry, you worked bloody hard and you learned a big lesson, and you deserve to be finished now.


congrats!!! Woohooo!!! Well done Dr Pineapple!


Thanks everyone :)

Still hasn't sunk in yet! Currently working through my corrections, but brought down to earth with a big bump considering latest round of job rejections :(

Although the panel at UCL thought my qualifications and work experiences were 'impressive', given the 'ground level' work with the research assistant position I applied for, they said I'm not the right kind of 'fit' for the role. However, they strongly encouraged me to apply for future research associate posts in the department, which I suppose is positive feedback. I've also had 5 interviews for researcher posts over the last 2-3 months, with no success :( Although reaching the shortlist for interview is perhaps a good sign!

Until then, I'm juggling my corrections with a minimum wage recovery worker job and some volunteer work. Also have a list of publications to submit to improve my prospects.

All a bit depressing really! Maybe it's time to start applying for more part time research associate positions and even approaching my networks for any opportunities.......


Just think positive Dr. Pineapple...
Sometimes the solution to our problem comes from the way that we never expected it to be...


OMG!!!! congratulations Pineapple!!!

Good thing you have started on publications - i just started on mine. Could have done it earlier but am glad i took a year out post-phd. i needed it to recover emotionally.

i was lucky to find a job before i knew the outcome of my phd but had to move countries.. to get into academia.

i just want to say that i'm really really really really (infitely) happy for you!

i think apart from you and i, only Laura has had a disastrous PhD experience and survived.

well done you! ignore the haters! no one can take it away from us now. :)

much love..



Congratulations to you - very well deserved!



bit late posting on this thread but....WELL DONE!!! so happy for you! you really deserved a positive outcomes from the R&R!!

i've been a bit AWOL from the forum due to new job and trying not to think about my own viva (which is next week)...i feel a bit sick every time i think about it. but your good news has bolstered my optimism Pineapple!


Hello Pineapple30
I hope you're well; you posted on my thread and now I'm posting on yours :); I'm just wondering how you are getting along with your minor corrections? As you know I have 6 corrections (4 minor and 2 'more substantial- for some reason they only use the word major if there's a revise and resubmit for another viva). I'm glad to say 5 are done and I'm confident they'll be approved, but the sixth one has been a nightmare :(- just reading as many papers as I can possibly read to get info on this issue and all studies say that the data on it is very limited. I'm afraid worst case scenario I'll just have to mention this to my internal and say that there's no data. What do u think? Hope you're doing great and it's nice that we can support each other this way as we're both in the same boat! At least my teaching is going well so not all is bad! Take care.


Hey Incognito :) Thanks for your message.

After gritting my teeth and pushing through profound thesis boredom(!), I think I've reached the final stages of my minor corrections. I've checked every reference in my 100k word thesis (HATED that task !), I've proofread most of it and now just rewriting a few sentences to improve readability. I will also need to rewrite my abstract this week. I've fixed all typos and little errors.

How are you getting on with yours? Looks like you've reached the last final stages as well :)

If the data is limited and unavailable, then I imagine that's a finding in itself? I conducted some content analyses on 3 peer reviewed journals and similarly found very limited information/data. I used this as a finding in itself to highlight my research gap(s) and subsequent thesis objectives.

At least you're teaching Incognito! :) I've got a interviews for a few unpaid trainee health psychologist and research positions lined up this month to improve my prospects. I'm basically retraining to be a chartered health psychologist and in a way, moving away from research and academia. I need to find something that utilizes my PhD skills, even if it's unpaid. I'm currently working part time within a mental health role, which is good for experience, but poorly paid. Would be great if my unpaid roles turned into a paid position!

I REALLY hope my internal approves these minor changes. I'm working very hard to ensure that I've sorted out all of their little requests. Almost all of the minors involve checking references, proofreading and rewriting my abstract. Also hope my internal examiner marks my thesis relatively swiftly to enable me to graduate this July. Please don't put me through another 5 month wait for a decision!

My deadline is for the second week of May and I should be finished by the end of next week. Hopefully enough time to double check everything!

Keep in touch. It's lovely to hear from you! :) You're not alone!


Dropped in to see how you were doing. So, it seems that you can get your supervisor to have a look at, and approve, your corrections, right? That sounds good. (I was officially 'cut off' from my supervisor). It's tedious, I know, especially after working so hard and then having to plunge back into it - ech. Lots of good vibes to you, and I certainly hope they don't make you wait for ages after this. I think they've already used up all their quota of making you wait! Anyway, good luck... go team! *pompoms*


Hi Ants, I hope my supervisors will look at my corrections! I've got just over one month before I need to submit my thesis to the internal examiner.

I'm very much cut off from my supervisors and my university now though!? :S

I just need to proofread two more chapters and I've met all of their corrections.

Really hope my internal approves my corrections and not fail me at this point! I'm bending over backwards to ensure I've covered all of their corrections. Can only hope my internal examiner marks my thesis relatively swiftly.

Thanks for your message. Nice to see some of you are following my journey and I'm not all alone with this!