Minor corrections awarded following resubmission


Thank you for the lovely messages :) Since my last post, my internal examiner approved my minor corrections, I've ordered my graduation gown for July (I'm renting it! 508 pounds to buy it ?!), I've sorted out my graduation outfit for the summer and sent my thesis off for hard binding for the university library.

I hope my story shows that it definitely is possible to complete a PhD, even after a horrendous journey (ie nine month wait for a viva voce date, viva voce cancellation 2 weeks before the examination date, frantic search for replacement examiner, 1 year to complete corrections and 5 month wait for examiners to inform me of a minor corrections verdict).

I'm however a little hurt and disappointed that my department seem to be arranging celebrations, sending congratulatory emails and purchasing champagne for a PhD candidate who passed her PhD this week. Knowing full well that my minor corrections were approved end of April (no one sent out any departmental acknowledgement of my PhD pass). I can still see all the departmental emails congratulating this new PhD holder in my department :(

Anyway, I shall rise above it :) It still doesn't feel real, but I'm concentrating on finalizing my publications, submitting job applications for postdoc roles and retraining to be a chartered psychologist. I got there in the end :)

Thanks for the support everyone. Much appreciated! x


Great job Pineapple! Still working on my R&R corrections and about to submit them in Autumn this year. Wish me luck! I can do this!


Pineapple, well done on getting those corrections done and enjoy your graduation. As for the department, I sympathise, I had this at work. Myself and a colleague passed our professional practice certs at roughly the same time. He'd been there just 12 months and got a present, cards, champagne etc. I had been there 8 years and wasn't even acknowledged! It's onwards and upwards for you Dr Pineapple, soon all this will be a distant memory as you start your new career. :-)


Hi Pineapple,

Sorry this is coming a bit late but very well done and I'm super proud of you!!

DG xx


Thanks everyone. I'm graduating next week and I'll start my new postdoc job the Monday after :)

However, I'm disappointed that my family are very disinterested about my graduation and half my family are refusing to see me graduate next week :( None of my family want to attend the PhD graduation reception organised by my department and clearly have no intentions to celebrate in any way. All very disappointing, especially as I'm the first doctor in the family. Anyway, to stop my family ruining my graduation day, I've invited some of my very supportive friends to celebrate with me at the actual ceremony (I was successful with extra tickets). I've also organised a little graduation party with more friends at a fab restaurant. Looking forward to it!

Really appreciate the support on this forum- especially considering current situation.

Anyone else out there with a resubmission or major corrections verdict- It IS possible to pass. Best of luck to all PhD candidates out there working through stressful write up phases.

Marasp- feel free to PM if you need any support or advice.....best of luck with your resubmission.


Hi Pineapple, I'm not on here that often at the moment but still working away at my PhD; it hasn't been plain sailing but I've managed to get through my upgrade and I'm in the middle of analysing my data at the moment.

Despite not being around much I have been following your story and I am SO pleased for you - it's brilliant that you are graduating next week and that you have a post-doc job lined up. How will you fit in your retraining with the job, or is that on hold at the moment? You are such an inspiration with your dedication and your strength of character, and now it has all paid off. You more than deserve it and I hope your family come around and realise how proud of you they should be.

Enjoy your graduation next week and then you can finally say goodbye to your department - onwards and upwards!!

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Sorry to hear about your family not wishing to be at graduation Pineapple. Best wishes for a wonderful graduation and research life to follow...P