My viva story ! :) :)


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Quote From Human:

well done well done!! it really encourages me!!

I am a little surprise to hear that you were so nervous before the viva- since your thesis is really really well-written!

Why were you so nervous prior to the viva? Did you think your thesis wasn't good enough? you found mistakes in your thesis? or you are simply a very nervous person? :-)

Hi Human, There were several reasons why I was scared: 1.) I am always a nervous person. 2.) No one in the University had ever seen the external examiner before...Supervisors had lil concern on that. 3.) I thought I had few mistakes but later after re-checking I found that those were okay but still worried that the external/internal might not agree on the way I had analysed some theory parts. The examiners picked it but I could argue and convince on what I had written !! Wish you good luck for your viva !!! Swetch


Thank you all once again !! I have now hardbound the thesis & submitted to the department !!!! The final task done & feeling very relieved.... SWETCH


i'm so happy for u swetcha.

when is it gonna be published? maybe i can get an autograph version? :)


Thank you, pikirkool. I plan to work on it as soon as I can...may be after few weeks. My immediate plan is to write few journal articles. But, still in celebration not feel like going back to thesis for preparing articles. I know publications r very imp for me so as to get a job & need to write write write ! Swetch