Passed viva - wahoo!


Just back from the uni. My viva was at 2pm, and I was told at the start that I'd passed. So we then had a very nice chat for about an hour about my research. Then we discussed the corrections, which are very minor typographical ones, and I'm allowed a month to do them. I expect to do them very quickly. Then we discussed publication ideas.

So very very relieved. I started a full-time computer science PhD in 1994, and had to leave that after falling long-term ill with a progressive neurological illness. I never planned to start another PhD, but have now completed a part-time history PhD. Very very chuffed.

Thanks everyone for all your support.


Oh Bilbo this is fantastic news!


Congrats Bilbo!!! Or should I say Dr Bilbo!!


Congratulations Dr Bilbo! thats fantastic, well done! go out and celebrate and then relax and enjoy your success! :) AL x


CONGRATULATIONS, Bilbobaggins - that's drawn a smile to my face, as I try and write up my research. Secretly, I knew you'd pass though. As a fully-fledged doc, I sincerely hope that you continue to post on this forum. You've made some really valuable contributions and I hope you continue to make many more. Well done x:-)


Completely delighted for you - many and sincere congratulations.



Congratulations! You are the most inspirational member of the forum and I hope you continue to contribute.

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Woo, congratulations!


Hey that's awesome news Bilbo, big congrats! Hope you spend a long time celebrating! Best, KB

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Fantastic new Bilbo!! Hearty congratulations on such a major achievement (up)


Brilliant news! Many congratulations! :-)


Fantastic! Well done Dr Bilbo, it couldn't be more deserved :)


Thanks everyone :-) I really appreciate all the kind messages.

I'm going to have a big celebratory nosh up next week, but have a bottle of fizzy (more Moet et Chandon) in the meantime. Oh and one humungous Galaxy Minstrels Easter Egg. Yum!


Congratulations Dr BilboBaggins, I remember seeing your posts when you were getting ready to hand in your thesis not so long ago. Well done and thanks for all your encouraging and inspiring posts.


Congratulations Dr Bilbo! I have been so inspired by your posts and have hung around on here to see your progess. I am delighted for you.
Enjoy the champagne!