Passed with minor changes


My people,

I went through the rite of passage (Viva) today and what an experience. I had been asked to prepare a presentation and then the interrogation began. I cant describe the feeling of having 10 + Professors looking at you. I was asked a lot of questions that I didn't really expect. There is only one way of preparing, re-reading your thesis and understanding your topic. I am so excited and all the best to those who are having their viva's soon. To those who haven't done well yet please hang on in there because you will make it at the end. Let me go and party!!!! A pleasant way to welcome the world cup!!!
Cheers, Kellykel


That's brilliant!!!! Well done and congratulations xxxxxx you go party :-)


Congratulations! :-) Must be a great feeling. :-)


Congratulations, Kellykel :-)


Congratulations! Your viva sounds very intimidating with so many people watching you - I'm glad I didn't have that!

Enjoy your celebrations :-)


Wow congratulations! And I agree with Squiggles. I just had 3 people (2 examiners + 1 convenor) in the room with me, and that was bad enough :p


Congratulations.... But how come 10 + people? What country is your PhD registered in?
Enjoy the well-deserved party (up)


Thanks guys, I went out and enjoyed life without that 'guilt' feeling anymore. 8-)


Congrats Kellykel!!! Enjoy the freedom... you've deserved it!


COngratulations! :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)
You must be so PROUD!!!!
I understand the feeling of enjoying life without the guild is magic...I am rediscovering the world LOL