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My Viva Experience

Congratulations! (up)(up)(up)(up)(up)(up)
:-):-):-) I wish you all the best in your career

maternity leave - how much?

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I understand you sooooooo well. I took 8 months before the birth, complex pregnancy and then I took 2 years with my daughter as I wanted to make the most of it. It was such a miracle for her to be ok after this crazy pregnancy I wanted to breasfeed as long as possible could and make sure she has all the attention she deserved for having been such a fighter! I am sure you understand what I mean :-)

I had my VIVA last week and passed with minor corrections, my daughter is healthy and happy in her life...so it was all worth it as I cannot imagine life without her
Of course you can take more time to be with your baby, just try to make sure not to lose all connections with your work, keep up to date with what is going on.
I am expecting baby number 2, normal pregnancy, so what a change!

Godd luck

Passed with minor changes

COngratulations! :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)
You must be so PROUD!!!!
I understand the feeling of enjoying life without the guild anymore...it is magic...I am rediscovering the world LOL


I am so happy for you!
I also learnt it the hard way that "Success comes with Perseverance in whatever you do!"
Well done to you, you must be so proud!
Good luck for your future

VIVA next week Friday

Thank you all so much!!!!
I wish you all the same! It still feels so unreal!
Best of luck to all of you!
My daughter who is 5 is so over the moon and keep calling Doctor Mum, she is so proud and is telling everybody.
She has been an excellent supportive daughter I was lucky to have her!

It still strange but I try to sleep but can't :$:$:$:$:$:$:$:$:$
: I keep reliving the VIVA in my head, I must be crazy!
But anyway I will probably be exhausted soon and then sleep without even realizing.

VIVA next week Friday

Thank you all for your support and help going through this crazy stage of my PhD...I was so stressed and reading all your advices and stories helped so much!
It was so nice not to feel alone.

My VIVA story:
I was so stressed that I couldn't sleep all night, my baby was also stressed I think as it kept kicking me like crazy (I will have to apologies to her when she gets out! ) :p
The worst thing is that I could eat or drink anything; I wanted to be sick...so the energy level was low.
I asked a friend to drive me as I didn't feel like I would be able to find me way.
I kept quiet all the way and was focusing on breathing in and out.
Once I arrived at the university, they were already waiting for me. They called me in.
First stage was to welcome me. It was so strange; they didn't look like the monsters I imagined. They looked like very nice normal human being :$ but still I was dead stressed.
They first asked me to tell them about my research. I was so stressed I cannot even remember if what I said was what I planned to say or if it even made sense...I nealry lost it in the first few sentences....oh god I feel so ashamed I must have looked ridiculous :$ I was not able to talk properly about something that I have researched for ages. Nerves I suppose
They put me out of my misery and told me that my work was worthy of a Phd :-):-):-) but that it needed some corrections.
We then went through all the corrections and discussed the points that needed clarifications.
At the end, I left the room, they had a chat, called me back in and then they congratulated me with a pass with minor corrections.

One advice that really is worth following for the VIVA and that I couldn't manage to do is to: RELAX, really SLEEP and RELAX. I nearly gave birth in the room, my tummy was so contracted!
Most of the questions I prepared in advance where not even asked. Just know you work and be fresh and relaxed to be able to discuss it properly. But I know it is really hard to do, especially if by nature you are like me a stressed human being!
So now I give myself a month to finish all the corrections as BABY number two will be coming soon and I don't think I will be able to do it after the birth.

Thanks again to all of you! wawwwww is it normal not to realise yet? I feel so so so strange and confused! the after shock probably
Good luck to all of you. And do contact me if you have more questions.
IT IS POSSIBLE TO FINISH!!!! Stick to IT and DO NOT give up! never, ever, ever!

VIVA next week Friday

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Got my PhD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Minor corrections
will tell you more soon

VIVA next week Friday

My VIVA is at 1.30 pm.
It is nice to hear your description but I cannot find a way not to be stressed, I think I will simply have to survive.
I hope it will be as nice as it was for you.
I will do my best and will let you know at my return.

You must feel so good it is all finished! I know now how you must have felt while getting ready and waiting...
I wonder if I will eat my lunch before going there, I am afraid it will come out with the stress.

Now, will go have a shower, get dressed and leave the house for the dept.

stress, stress and stress....it is funny I feel strange things in my stomach but at the same time it is in a strange place...the pregnancy changed the place of my organs...I hope my brain is still at the same place! LOL!!!

Would you do a second PhD?

Never ever ever ever even if we pay me £10000000000000000000000000000000000000 !!!!!!
I want my life back! I want to have friends! I want to be stupid and do stupid things! I want to sleep without processing information all night in my head! I want to stop being stressed, anxious and tired!!!!

I WANT A LIFE!!!!!!!!

PS: I have my VIVA today so a bit stressed
PS correction: PANICKED not a bit stressed :$

VIVA next week Friday

Thanks algaequeen,

I will try to do my best. Yesterday I had a panic attack so could not sleep and then woke up at 6 am.
I am dead tired but at the same time full of adrenalin.
I try to breath and think of something else but the wait is killing me.

I will try to do one hour of relaxation before leaving the house. Anyway they already probably know the result by now and my
performance will just confirm what they think.
At worst if they give me another year I will have to deal with it and take it. My new baby will probably help me :-)
I will let you know when I come back home before going back to bed...I dream a dream....SLEEPING for 6 months non stop!!!!

I wish you all a very nice day!

VIVA next week Friday

Thank you all for the encouragements,

I am so happy for the two new Docs!
It is nearly 1am and I am still not sleeping, I don't know why...it is a luck the viva is in the afternoon.

I am so so so stressed and want to cry and hide...It is like if my brain is BLANK, EMPTY...I hope what the other said is true that everything will come back during the viva.
I hope it will not last too long and that they won't be to cruel with me :$

Anyway I try to go to sleep, perhaps counting sheeps will help...
Good night all.

VIVA next week Friday


I am so so so so so Happy for YOU!!!!!! So it is possible to survive it!

Please tell us more!!! I want to know more!! every details while it is still fresh!!!!

You must be so releived and happy! How long did it last? What was the process? The questions? Did you find the right words?
Any tricky questions?


Viva, only a week away

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Hi kellykel,

good luck for your VIVA. Mine is tomorrow, I got tones of advice so look at the other post on this "VIVA next week Friday "

VIVA next week Friday

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
Can you please describe exactly how it went? First question asked? Presentation or not? Then all the questions you can remember. And then the end...
Please more details :

VIVA next week Friday

GOOD LUCK squiggles,

I understand and can imagine how you are feeling, I anticipate the same stomach feeling...don't forget to breath apparently it helps
I will be thinking of you all afternoon, it is nearly the end. I am so excited for you.
Please let us know how it went as soon as you can.
I wish you all the BEST! and hope you will be a DOC by this evening :-):-):-):-):-)