PGF Drinks/Dinner up North...


I feel it's only right that us Northerners should arrange a meet seeing as we live a long way away from London! Let's try and sort something!

I think a few people mentioned being in the North West, but I'm guessing some people could be further afield? Where would be the best place for everyone?


I'm in the Northwest and I think it's a really good idea, so count me in. Manchester would be a pretty neutral spot for a meet, I think - but I'm open to other suggestions.:-)


I was thinking Manchester too, but if anyone else is interested then let us know! Otherwise it could just be me and you Wal ;-)


Manchester would suit me too


Right well, that's 3 of us so far. We'll wait a few days and to see if any other people would like to meet up as well. This'll be ace.


Awww, hope this and the other go well - hopefully they will become a regular thing and I'll pop along to one when things less up in the air!

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Hi all, Manchester is good for me too. Please make it the week after next, I have so much on next week!


hmmm. maybe I should come along and spread some christmas cheer...


I'm not on the forum much but I'd still be interested depending on when and where. I'm in Leeds, but Manchester is easy to get to for me :-)


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Oops double post


oooooo if the lovely Claudia is going I could be very much persuaded...


And if DanB is going then this is pretty much something I have to go to :-)


Will Clara Van Der Akker and HangSeng be going?


I can make it to Manchester fairly easily and would love to come but this month is very busy for me- I'll have to see what dates etc. :-)


Sylvia! Where have you been hiding!

Although if Clara van der Akker goes, I don't think I would be able to contain myself from declaring my true love for her and making a scene.