Ph.D difficult ?


Hi all,
I am new here. I have just got accepted to be a Ph.D student. I have my supervisor, we discussed things together and so on. I am a 23 year old girl. got a B.A only.. So my question is, Do you find the Ph.D difficult?
My prof scared me a bit when he said there will be lots of reviews so he knows that I read stuff hehehe.
I hated doing reviews when I was a B.A student. but now it's different. I will do reviews on related topics to my thesis which I think will be easier than the B.A reviews, where u r supposed to do reviews on things that u really don't like!
Anyways, I have always wanted to be a Ph.D student, but will I have time to cheer myself up while doing my Ph.D? bcoz as I said I am only 23!

Thanks in advane


Hi Romana

Doing a PhD is difficult in lots of ways, but obviously your uni thinks you can do it, so you can! Don't worry about it being difficult, just get in there and start. Make plans, talk to your sup, and enjoy the work.

The subject matter can be difficult, but in a good way, it stretches you intellectually. The really difficult thing is working on something so big, for so long, with a lot of just by yourself. It's such a lot of work, and requires determination. There was another thread going around recently, and the consensus seemed to be that you don't need to be really smart to do a PhD, just really determined. You need to be able to hang in there, for a long time, and some parts can be pretty rough.

So have a look through some threads, keep in mind that people use this forum for support, so there's lots of unhappy posts, but a lot of people here also really enjoy doing their PhD. As I do at the moment! So, don't stress, just look forward to being really challenged. And welcome!


Hi there

am not sure I get you on the 'only 23' point! That's an Ok age to start a PhD, I started mine last year at exactly that age, and many I know started a couple yrs earlier too...

A phd is a mixed journey and you'll find out soon! :-) Good luck!


PhDs are really easy. I see celebrities and sports stars getting them all the time! I've also heard that a PhD is the same as 2 GCSEs, and we all know that GCSEs are getting easier!

Welcome to the forum, where people occasionally are in a bad mood and unnecessarily sarcastic.

As for the age thing, I started this year at the ripe old age of 23. I've found it really strange how Uni age is all to do with perception. For example, last year I was unemployed, had just finished my Masters and continued going to the Uni Badminton Society (needed to fill up the time) because I was one of the oldest there and had finished Uni (twice), they thought I was older than I was (25, instead of 22.) On the other end, I work as a Subwarden at a first year residence and I've had several people think I was a first year. When I've told them I wasn't, they've said "So a second year then?"

Apparently my age is somewhere between 18-25...depending on how many qualifications people know I have.


thank y'all, i only mentioned that i am 23 , just to ask if there will be free time for myself to enjoy life when i start my ph.d program??


Yes Romana, you can still have a life! Lots of PhD students don't work on week-ends, some also only work during the day, like a 9-5 job. The further in you get tho, the less free time you'll have - well, that's my experience anyway.


thanks sue ... u helped me a lot(gift)


I definitely have time for a social life at the moment but I am only three months into my first year. I guess it will get a lot more full on as the year progresses. If you've been accepted with just a BA then I'm sure you're more than capable so don't worry too much! There are two girls in my research class who come in every Monday making a big deal of how hungover and tired they are and how little work they have done, and they're making really good progress. So good luck. M,x