phd interview presentation


hi again, I've got an interview for a phd in 3 weeks time and they want me to a 5-min presentation on 'why will I benefit from studying a phd at this university' and boy am i stuck!!
any ideas what i need to cover and what would impress them in that 5min time slot? thankyou, Asim


Hey M_asimuk. Congratulations in getting shortlisted for an interview.

If you haven't already done so, it's a good idea to visit their research website and read staff statements, the research lab's objectives etc in the first instance.

To give better advice it might be useful for us to know a little bit more. For example what kind of program are you applying for? Is it an established or pre-defined project of a supervisor, or are you proposing your own project? If latter, do they want you to present this too?


I did a presentation recently and I used a power point. My structure went as follows: Experience, Interest, Prospects. But I think you may need to specialise yours to your question. Have a general opening why u want to study the phd and then have 3-5 points on why that university, you can talk about the research they have done, and how it links to your interest etc.


thanks chococake. 404 the project is funded by the british heart foundation and is an established project by the supervisor. its related to platelet function and they want me to do a 5 min presentation on why i will benefit from doing a phd at their medical school. any ideas? thanks :-)


hi M_asimuk
thanks for the good news!
:-) you might also want to add how you may bring benefit to their school...