PhD Students outside working hours. :-)

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What is this 'after' work whereof you speak? Surely there is only 'work' and 'more work'?

Hazy (trying to work on her thesis on a Saturday night)


I'd swap that wine for a big G&T right now but I need to save myself for submission day on Friday eek!!


Currently have the big wine


Haha... I second that! The conflict between dreams and reality is bitter than better. So I guess Its time to raise a glass full of wine :D


Hahaha! I love this - this is the reason I've just joined this forum. I need to be reminded others are in the same situation, it's not so bad, and be made to have a laugh! =D

Thanks Mackem_Beefy


The picture is so true... I am in the middle of drinking wine, and it's not even 4 pm yet.

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I can relate especially to the bottom left back in the dark days of write-up.

Replace the wine with beer for me.

Ian :-)