plz suggest the the topic of ph.d from software testing


Myself is Naseema Siddiqui from India.I have done my post graduation in computer science(MCA 2007).Now I have 2 years of Experience in Software testing.I have also cleared ISTQB Certification(Foundation level) in December 2007.
Now I want to join the Ph.d but not able to understand in which topic should I go for the Ph.d.I have a sound knowledge in software testing ,So I want to pick the topic from the software testing domain which is also beneficial in the future.
Will any1 suggest me the topic for thesis.


I'd go for a! Career-wise, I think you can go much further with a than s, especially if you're after publications and a lectureship post.


Am I being thick or....

am I missing something?


No idea what the vote is about.... But doing a PhD is about being an independent researcher, and for me is about jumping over one hurdle at a time with miles of hurdles ahead; finding a topic is the first hurdle, if you cant jump over that one by yourself, you wont make the course.


I fear the subcontinent has generated many similar posts on this forum recently... am I amused, am I a little embarrassed, am I perplexed?

Naseema, why do you, in your words "want to join PhD"? What do you mean by "beneficial in the future"? Why and how will anyone "suggest you the topic"?


Love it. Who's going to be the first to put their own work aside to 'suggest a topic' for somebody else's PhD? Honestly it's unbelievable!


I will! Using my advanced PhD research skills I employed Google using the following search terms [software] + [testing] + [PhD] to yield the following result, via computermagical wizardry...

Go forth, my friend, and seek your rightful place as a self-initiated and problem solving researcher.(up)


I'm sad to see that 'a' is being sorely under-represented here!!! Naseema, definitely, go for A!!! You won't regret it!!!!!


I voted A, and I am PROUD!


I think you should develop an algorithm that allocates projects to potential PhD students and test it to see the project completion rate.


I'm with you Sleepy.
Definitely A.
Wouldn't waste my time on S.


I'm disappointed with all of us! Naseema is no better of in having a decision made for him since he originally posted, since both project A and S are 50/50! We need someone to come along and with the power of their vote make the ultimate decision for him.


'Naseema' is a she, not a he.


Quote From aloha:

'Naseema' is a she, not a he.

My apologies, Naseema. Thanks for pointing it out, Aloha.:-)