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Censorship is rife on this forum

Quote From andyp:

We'll leave you to the advertising debate, but I'm afraid those are the rules we've chosen to stick by and we make no secret of it.  We realise it's not a perfect system, but our users are clever enough to use Google and find our competitors themselves.  The good people at jobs.ac would be offended at the insinuation that they don't make a profit.

PamW - Sorry that your thread disappeared as it did contain some interesting replies.  I'm afraid the rather bizarre flame war of personal insults that ensued from it overnight between some of the people who replied left us with little choice but to remove the entire thread to prevent it from starting again.  We should have sent you a PM to explain why - this was an oversight on our part.

Aberdeenangus - Your message was removed because we felt it was unnecessarily inflammatory.  You could have made your points in a less blunt way and you are still free to post to thread concerned.  It is a matter of tone.

We aim to keep discussion on the forum polite, informative and constructive.  This is a fine balance and we don't always get it right. There are plenty of places on the internet where you can express your views in as strong terms as you wish, but this site isn't one of them.

I agree its a fine balance but I feel you have set the bar way too low for your audience.
However it is your site, and I respect your right to set the bar wherever you like.
Afraid its not for me though so i'll take my leave.

Censorship is rife on this forum

My post wasn't aimed at you.
Sorry if my post caused you offence. I certainly didn't mean to.
Your post struck a chord with me in fact, because I did leave engineering to join the police !

My post was aimed at the original post who made my taxpaying blood boil.

Censorship is rife on this forum

Thanks for that.

As this is a post-grad forum, I think it safe to assume that the users are adults, and reasonably intelligent.
I find it pretty dire that some 'moderator' thinks fit to act as an emotional filter on our behalf.

I think that moderators that censor posts simply because they do not agree with the sentiments expressed should consider whether they are fit to continue in the role !

I shall be asking that the Administrator of the forum look into this.

Censorship is rife on this forum

I recently responded on the thread "Considering Quitting".
The content of my post, which might have been classed as "blunt", was not in any way offensive.
Yet I found my post had been deleted as "Innapropriate content" by a moderator, without any word of explanation.

I want to know which moderator it was and why they took this action without even a note to myself explaning why.

I am absolutely furious.
What kind of forum is this?

Looks like petty dictatorship to me.

Go ahead.........delete this one.....show your true colours.

Considering quitting...

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Starting over


Sounds like you've had a hell of a time !
To try and squeeze a tiny bit of good out of the whole nightmare,
So that others can learn from your experiences,

Knowing what you now know....
What qualities would you look for in your next dept. / supervisor.
What would you change this time round ?

Conference presentation slightly different from abstract?

I think you must have this discussion with your supervisor regardless of how uncomfortable it is.

Y1 "projected deliverables" ?

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By end of first year........

Be well into literature review. You should be writing summaries/critiques of each paper/book as you review them so you will have a volume of work to show them.
Have attended at least one conference/seminar with a view to presenting in later years. You will be able to write up a summary of the proceedings with advice notes for yourself when you come to present.
Definetly have a plan for next year. This shows you are looking ahead and are in control of your research program.
You will, of course, have the plan you set for your first year before you started. You can critique this and say where you fell down/did well. This shows you are capable of self-analysis.

So, easy deliverables:

* Collection of summaries/critiques of papers reviewed.
* Summary of the conference proceedings.
* Set of notes for when you come to present.
* Review of first year plan whith HONEST self analysis.
* Plan for next year (which will be so much better than the first year one due to the self-reflection).
Note: Especially important to include in your plan any special resources you will need i.e. equipment.

If you are worried about over committing then why not put down a reasonable target and also an ambitious (stretch) target.
You should not set down easy peasy targets as this will not give you anything to aim for.
Remember, you are going to be lacking motivation at some stage in your course and guilt is a very useful tool.
Take the time and trouble to come up with a good, useful, detailed plan.
Life will be so much easier and less stressful if you KNOW where the goalposts are.
It seems like one additional task you could do without but, believe me, a good plan will save the effort it took, ten times over.

USA or UK for computer science Phd

Can't comment on the quality and recognition of the PhD program except to say Durham is one of the UK's oldest and best Universities especially for the Sciences.
You should check out the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE).
Which ranks UK Universities on their research programs.

It as also a beautiful city, where much of the medieval architecture survives (A lot of the Harry Potter scenes were filmed in Durham Cathedral.
It has a reasonable cost of living, bouncing nightlife and fantastic countryside.
If you are into sports then Durham is the place for you, especially Cricket and Soccer.
As you can probably tell, I was born and grew up there and although I didn't go to Durham Uni, many of my friends did.

PhD on London (living)

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Pretty sure that you are covered by the NHS while here studying.
Any international students out there care to confirm ?

PhD on London (living)

Quote From sneaks:

angus - give me my hat back!


What makes a PhD fail?

Not having a 'Thesis' i.e. not having a premise for your argument.

What are the possible new and recent subjects that could be studied?

Quote From ecofin:

Good answers(up)

Eh ?

PT lecturer interview

Read 'Wilt' by Tom Sharpe. That will do as prep.

I really don't think there is much you can do. Just be yourself.
I'm sure you will do just fine. Try and be bold and confident.
Teaching at a college is halfway between Uni and School.
There will need to be a certain amount of 'crowd control'.

PhD on London (living)

Until someone with actual experience of doing a PhD in London comes along, i'll answer to the best of my limited ability...

1. Your fees will be being paid on top of your £15,500. This is your maintenance and is just for you to live on (and buy books etc).
2. Halls of residence are a collection of individual rooms with a single bed and a table, sink etc. They usually have shared bathrooms although I believe there are some super swish halls now with en-suites !!!
3. I would suggest getting accomodation as close to your college as possible. It takes a long time to travel around London in the rush hour. Cycling can work well.
4. Why do you feel you need health insurance ? You will be covered by the NHS.
5. Why bother. If you are still young, leave it till you're earning.
6. You'd have to really try to get kicked out. No holidays are allowed - you are here to LEARN !!!!.......(no, of course you will get holidays)

p.s. brace yourself.....London is REALLY expensive ! ...but a total hoot !