Postdoc application misery...


...loves company!

Any other struggling postdoc applicants out there? Just had the first round of rejections and feeling a bit stung. I know we need to have thick skins in academia but mine's still growing I think. I'm just trying my best not to fall into a "I'll never get a job" anxiety spiral.

Anyway, I'm starting this thread in the hopes that we can provide support to each other in the difficult times ahead.


Keep going, you know it's a numbers game. Eventually you'll get something.


Thanks for the encouragement :) Fingers crossed...


Hi Nesrine,

Have you broadened your net to include research assistant jobs? This is what some of my friends (and I - although I haven't yet had my viva) have done... that way you a) stop feeling rejected, b) get a foot in the door - can take on postdoc responsibilities and may get extended as a postdoc... Just a suggestion - might not even be relevant in your field.

Other than that, chin up - you'll get one in the end.



Thanks, Tudor_Queen. It's a great suggestion but I'm actually working as a part-time research assistant now. It's pretty meagre pay as it's only one day a week and I find the topic very boring but at least it's something relevant on my CV so it could be a lot worse.

My colleague who finished the PhD at the same time as me was basically given a post-doc at our institution (there was no advert for the post) because his research interests align closely with the dept head. I guess I'm just feeling a little bitter that I have to slog through all of these applications...

Yes, hopefully something will come through and I can pursue my own research topic!


Oh yes, I know how that can feel. A friend of mine walked in to one too, even before finishing her PhD. It's different for everyone. Hope it works out for you soon!


Hi Nesrine87. I understand your concern. You will get a job do not worry. I agree with TQ in applying for RA roles. Some RA roles are paid exactly the same as Postdocs. I agree also that everyone has his own way. Some are lucky or clever enough to get their job directly in same lab others have to search. I am in the same senioriy level with some colleagues who are 15 years younger than me. Sometimes I feel a bit sorry for myself but most of the time I thank God that I do something I love. If I do not do it now, I might have to do it 10 years later with colleagues 25 years younger than me.


Thank you for your kind words :) I already feel better with all of this encouragement. I will keep searching and hoping...

And if there are any other prospective post-docs out there, good luck with your search!