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Hello Forumites,

Sneaks suggested we set up this thread for people to post on once they've passed their viva. I'm sure you'd still like to have your own "Yay I passed my viva!" threads as usual, but then perhaps you could also add your details (viva pass date, etc) onto here so that we can see all our new Drs at a glance.

Enjoy! :-)


Can I be on here even though I passed my viva in December?

*flutters eyelids*:-x

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Quote From DanB:

Can I be on here even though I passed my viva in December?

*flutters eyelids*:-x

of course!


(up) Sneaks!!

I passed my viva on the 24/05/2010, so am just over a week into Dr-hood. :-)


Yay, I also passed my viva - last week on 26/5/10.. with minor corrections.(sprout)


Well done everybody!!! Huge, huge congrats!!


Count me in, passed on 21/05/10, nearly done the corrections too.


Passed on 3/6/10 on a lovely sunny day! 8-)


Yes I was also awarded my doctorate last month. Thanks to everyone in postgrad forum who inspired me to keep on. Good Luck to everyone :-)


Congratulations to you all! It must be such an amazing feeling.

I feel really inspired when I hear of people finishing. I was just thinking it would be really cool to have a 'words of wisdom' type thread where people who have finished give their tips for getting through it. If anyone can be bothered doing this i'd really value it. Having a bit of a tough time with it just now so could use some inspiration!


Ooops I just noticed the rather extensive 'tips' thread that is already going!


Another passer here. Passed viva on last day of March, corrections signed off in April. Was officially awarded the degree by Senate last week, and will graduate (albeit in absentia) in under 2 weeks :)


Is this a kind of anonymous Hall of Fame? Personally, I would like to read at least a few more details regarding your project and the contribution that was made to the Knowledge..What was your experience and what suggestions you would like to give to new comers..


of course it's anonymous Goodboy, it's an online forum and all parts of it are anonymous. Unless you're really bad at staying anonymous, like me sometimes! :) There is plenty of info on doing the PhD and viva questions on the tips thread and various other threads. Most posters on here have also added their own thread on how their viva went, what questions were asked etc, and I'm sure if you search for the usernames you'll find plenty of info on subject areas etc.


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Sorry for kind of hijacking this thread. I meant Fame & Anonymity are a bit contradictory. Of course, a username
may suffice but what's wrong with a few lines description regarding research topic and the contributions to the knowledge?