Published in new peer-reviewed open access online journal: something to celebrate?


Hi all

I submitted an article a few months ago to a new (only one previous issue) online open access journal. It went through a 'review process', so i'm guessing that means its peer-reviewed.

I received a confirmation email recently that my article will be published in the next issue - realistically, how much will this do in terms of research profile/CV?

I'm towards the end of my first year, and just curious about the value such publications have?




Even i am approaching the end of my first year (started October last year) and am about to be published. it's in a peer-reviewed journal of our field, not open-access but one of the usual ones. Some have told me I should be happy (it's an 8000 word piece)...

CV value? Well, depends.. obviously your first publication in important. In my case it has been a strange first yr. It started with two book reviews being published (submitted during masters) in two 'good' journals. Then a co-authored publication with my supervisor, for the media, released across the press, but not an 'academic' publication, rather a policy oriented one. Then this, a completely intellectual piece, about to be it's been a strange mix... what does it say for my CV? It perhaps says that I am distracted... or it could say I am diverse...(my intention is to diversify)

Same for you. Like me, enjoy your first pub. It will do you good to get things going. But tell yourself what I am telling myself as I am going into my second year: this is a good start, more than many. the task is to build on it and keep it up!



Hey PhdBug

Thanks, congrats to you too, sounds like a productive first year. I agree, it's about keeping it all in perspective I guess, start as you mean to go on etc. The journal I've been accepted to doesn't have the 'wow' factor, but it's a publication nonetheless, and at this point as you rightly point out, one that not everyone has had. Besides, I didn't have anything to lose from it, since it's basically a piece from my MA that I submitted off the cuff, thinking a publication, regardless of where, couldn't do any harm, right? So all in all, i'm giving myself a pat on the back, hehe :P

I think i'm just generally in the mood of assessing/taking stock of my first year, as it's coming towards the end of the summer, in which i haven't really done much work. When I think back to this time last year I've definately moved forward. I've presented at two international conferences, won a studentship, and i've managed to publish. I'm happy with that but definately want to get better into 'better' journals and fashion out more opportunities.

So overall, permission to cyper-slap me if i start being negative when theres no need in the future! (up)


Journals are internationally ranked, and the ranking might be listed on your faculty's website. I'm new to this publishing biz myself, but from what I understand, there are three tiers. The first and most prestigious journals in the first tier are internationally renowned, and it takes a good couple of years from submitting to publishing. Tiers 2 and three are less prestigious, but still acclaimed. And then there's the rest which don't make it onto the list, which can still include credible academic journals, and are likely to consist of domestic journals. And then I think online journals would be below this congratulations on your publication, next is to aim for the next level up!


Firstly, congratulations on your first publication. Achieving this in your first year is quite an achievement. As for journals, the more publications you have under your belt, the better the journals you can start publishing in. As for your CV, most PhD graduates are not able to get their first publication in the first year. This itself makes you stand out from the rest of your peers. As you move ahead in your course, keep working on getting more papers published as it will only boost your chances of getting into more prestigious journals.


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There should be a special place in hell for those who re-open posts which are nearly a decade old, for no particular reason :-D

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