Signing off from the forum


Hi all,

I completed my part-time history PhD early in 2010, with viva in March, and all finished and graduated by June. I've stayed on the forum since to give advice and tips, especially on preparing for the viva, and getting through tough patches. But I'm finding I have very little good time now, due to the progressive neurological disease. So I'm planning to sign off.

Before I go I want to share my viva story. I've been anonymous throughout my postings here, but now I'm going I'm happy to link to a public post which identifies me, and goes through my viva experience in considerable detail. It may help others. And it includes my standard viva preparation tips.

And I want to thank everyone who has helped me here. Far far too many to name individually. But without this forum I doubt I would have got through my part-time PhD. It really is a lifesaver.

Best wishes all.



I had noticed you had been posting much less of late and was concerned. I do hope you're OK. Your contributions have been fantastic and you have consistently been supportive and helpful.

Not sure what else to say but please do take care.

All good wishes...


I just want to say a BIGGGGGGGGGG thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have been an inspiration to me and (I can guess) to many others......

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

All the best from the bottom of my heart!

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second what's already been said - you've been such an amazing source of help and inspiration on the forum! you will be missed!


Hi BilboBaggins,

I would just like to say- THANK YOU SO MUCH - for the encouragement and ideas that you have shared on this forum - I am certainly one of the people who benefitted from your advise especially at the start of my write up when I very almost gave up on the whole process.. I cant thank you enough- I wish you ALL THE VERY VERY BEST!! three cheers to you .(gift) Thank you for sharing the viva prep story as well and the website - not many would be willing to put themselves out there like that!!! Take care xxxx

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I was asked to contribute to that page as well. I'll have to prepare an edited down version if I'm going to be identifiable to that I posted on here (and I'm afraid every bit of that was true - just one bonkers though strangely straight forward day, though then again all the weird crap happens to me :-) - and yes, my abiding memory of that day is the referee for the footy match after rather than the viva itself!!! :-s). I've got to see a relative through hospital, so doing that hasn't been top of my priority list.

I will comment Bilbo you've been a good'un on here. I'm sorry to hear your health is deteriorating, but at least via your PhD you've made a mark and an original contribution to knowledge in general.

I can only hope that somehow, someone in a lab somewhere (probably doing a PhD themselves) discovers a cure for your illness before thngs come to bad. I'll leave this on that more positive note, except to say you've been very helpful to others and that at least I hope will leave a warm feeling in your heart.

All the best,

Ian (Mackem_Beefy)


Best wishes for the future Bilbo - I read all your posts as they always contains gems of wisdom. I have your 5 important points to bring to the viva pinned on my noticeboard at home; my hubby asked me the other day who 'Bilbo' was! Many thanks for inciteful and yet no-nonense contributions.


Best wishes to you and thank you for all the posts !


All the best for the future and thank you for all your contributions on this forum! :-)

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Many thanks for your help and support Bilbo. You will be missed!
I send you a virtual present(gift)


Good luck to you Bilbo! Thank you so much for your highly valued input into this forum. I have personally found your comments to be invaluable to my PhD journey. I have so much respect and admiration for what you have achieved, it will be sad to not see you imparting your wisdom on the forum. Thank you so much (gift)


Thank you for all the support and time you have given - you have been very generous with your time which must be incredibly precious to you. Best wishes for the future.

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Hi Bilbo. So sad to see you go. I too always read your posts, no matter the topic, because your words are wise, well written and generous in spirit. Not to mention your admirable presence here.

Thank you for being around for us, and I am flattered that I might have been part of a forum that helped you through the process.

I will miss you, but understand why you have to go. I am sending you my love, and wish you all the happiness possible with your loving husband.

Eska XXXXXXX ((((()))) and here's some snowmen too:



Hey Bilbo! So sad to see you signing off, you've been so much help to all of us, a complete inspiration. I hope that you have time now to do whatever else you want to do, knowing that you've achieved amazing things with your PhD and been such a fab contributor to the forum. Best wishes for the future, KB.


Hi Bilbo,

You have inspired me a lot and thank you very much for all your posts here! I hope you get well and good luck with all of you future endeavours (up)