So where are the old schoolers 04-07


Hi guys

I enrolled on a PhD in 04-05 and sued this website alot for guidance. I returend to it tonight for an update and noticed some familiar names were posting (ok it was only one- bilbobaggins).

Just wondering if any of you were posting around this time and how you have got on. I left the PhD, got a job in academia, and am now considering trying to take on the beast once again!



The Beast has doubled in size, grew plenty new scary teeth and is waiting for you. But, my sincere advice is 'hit where it hurts most this time' lol


I started my PhD in 05 and finished in 08, got post doc and currently wondering where it all went wrong and why on earth I am down this route!! it is kind of fun sometimes, but a lot of the time I am fed up with how badly my new project is going ... but why do you want to go back to the PhD? have you hit a wall and need a PhD to progress? what ever the reasons -... good luck if you do go back!!


Hey bazzab, I remember you! I was on here as DanB. Untill I get banned :)

And I'm now Dr DanB, being all sensible with a job :(


Actually, myself and H were pondering the other week where everyone was - there are a few names I still recognise (404 in particular).

But still my love Clara van der Akker never did return :(


Hey Bazzab... I returned to the forum a couple of months ago. It looks like most of the familiar names are gone. I still haven't finished, as I had to take a loooooooooooong break due to finances. But finishing soon hopefully.

DanB, are you still in touch with Sylvester? Did he finish?

Good luck with the 2nd time Bazzab.


No, I haven't spoken to him for quite a while sadly. I might try and hunt him down, I have his email somewhere around.


Hi all

Thanks for the replies. Ju ju- yes I am getting invloved in research in my current job and think I am so much more prepared to take on and complete a PhD. Plus, I would do well in my current job if I was heavily research focused.

Thank you all, I wish you all the best. I hope to enrol in the next year where you will be hearing a lot from me again! Watch this space :)


Good luck Bazzab if you go for a PhD again. I was a full-time PhD student from 1994-6 but left due to falling seriously ill. More recently I signed up for a part-time PhD and recently completed it. The previous PhD experience put me in a really strong position. I knew what to expect the second time around, and was in a better position to make the most of opportunities. So good luck if you try too.


Another Old Skooler checking in. Nice to know people still remember me, although probably for the wrong reasons! Submitting in the next few weeks - my 4 years is up, so the final countdown Eeek!
Where are Stu, Pea, Sixkitten, Piglet these days?


Oh my gosh, I remember Stu, I wonder if he's still as caustic or PhD life has mellowed him?

And Sixkitten! Oh gosh, now that's a name I definitely remember!

Glad to see you are well though Sylvester, I shall let H know you are around!


Wonder what happened to all of them? :-) I'm not around much these days, but I recognise all those names 8-)