Starting 3rd year


Hi Guys. How is it going?

I have very nearly finished one chapter, just needs a couple of small edits according to my supervisor. I have submitted my lit review chapter and am now wading through my data and results chapter.

I am trying to ignore my fear that all my data is complete rubbish at the moment and am trying to focus on working towards my upgrade (we do it late at my uni).

Hope you're all doing well :)


I know what you mean about thinking your data might be rubbish, tamecat - I haven't even started organising any of my data yet because I'm scared to look at it :) Good luck with your writing - I'm doing a mix of various bits and bobs at the moment - still recruiting participants and collecting data, writing, transcribing and so on - it is nowhere near the linear process I expected at the start!


Tamecat, well done! :)

Work is going well here too, just cannot wait to finish data collection and start writing! I am really looking forward to writing the overall methodology chapter and the lit review ;)


Do not worry! Everything gonna be fine. Everyone is doing same way as you! =)