Strange relationship with my supervisor


I had a supervision yesterday, and I am now convinced that the man doesn't like me. I don't know what I've done to evoke such feelings from him, but it's plain to see that he dislikes me. I decided to just let it wash over, but now it's really bothering me. Does anyone else have unfavourable responses in their supervisions? It seems as though he's really uncomfortable around me, and I can't figure out why. One of my friends actually suggested that he fancies me, and hence the uncomfortable behaviour. Is this possible? I'd much rather entertain that notion than think that he despises me! I'd love some feedback on this.


Get a group supervision and see if he's swayed by authority.


What sort of things does he do?
I know in the past that i've been oversensitive about my supervisor's comments (I'm not saying this is nec. true in your case) but it might help to chat with someone 'objective' about this...


Well, not knowing what he does in particular, difficult to say. However, on the fancying not, being a guy, I can tell you that we are known to act uncomfortable around people that we are attracted to, and it can often appear as dislike. Tell us what he does, and we can try to work it out.


sorry, that was 'on the fancying note' that I meant by the way!


Bellaz, I can tell you that when I like someone, for instance, I have a tendency to act distant and avoid eye contact altogether. People that I've fancied in the past, (after finding out) have often said that they never realised and thought quite the opposite!

It could be that he is attracted to you and is uncomfortable about his feelings because of other factors involved (his position in the department,has a partner, etc) I'm just putting the attraction hypothesis forward as a possibility. You never know, and it could be that you'll never find out. I wouldn't know how to resolve this. I guess you can't just come out and say: "Hey, guy! Do you hate me or what?!"


How does he act around other people? Does he act the same as when the two of you are in supervisions?


well, even a guy may avoid looking at someone he is attracted to( I do that all the time..), but he should not behave rude, just a little uncomfortable. so what exactly did he do?