Success! Thanks to all :)

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Just wanted to share some positive news that I passed my viva voce and will start doing the corrections soon. Still can't quite believe it. It has been 4 years of (at times) absolute hell! Not just with the PhD but my personal life as well. This forum has been a constant source of support throughout that time, even for just reading through old posts and getting some comfort that other people have successfully managed to get through similar difficult situations. So, a big thanks to all who have helped me on here over the years :)


Congratulations!! It sounds like you really deserved this - proof that hard work and perseverance pays off! Enjoy your celebrations :)

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Well done Lemonjuice! Fantastic result and always so good to hear of people getting through and achieving success despite difficulties. Hope some party type celebrating is on the horizon for you. Best of luck also with new stage of life :)


Congratulations! It's always so great to hear about success stories on here!

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Thanks you all :) I've been drinking a lot of wine since haha!

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Excellent news- on both the viva and the vino!


Congrats lemonjuice!


congratulations lemonjuice! I have been away from the forum for some weeks; popping back in to see good news is just wonderful!!!

all the best
love satchi

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Well done lemonjuice. You've been a great presence on here.




Congrats, lemonjuice! Now you can move on to greater things in life... =)


Congratulations Dr lemonjuice, that is awesome news! :)


Congrats Dr Lemonjuice! Well done and good luck with corrections!