Tackling the corrections


Hey Everyone, I had my viva over a month ago, gave myself a break for a few weeks, now I'm finding it hard/impossible to tackle the corrections. I don't feel motivated at all and all I want to do is go out and enjoy the sunshine. Any advice to get me out of procrastination mode? 8-)


Just remind yourself that we have a big gap in Ozone Layer and the Ultra Violets are much stronger now. Almost 25% of all cancers in UK are sun related.


Ugh, I found my corrections so boring. Nothing to encourage other than to say it feels so good when you get them done and sent off!


It's best to do them asap after the viva (and having been sent them), possibly the examiners discussions/comments will still be fresh in your mind.

I left mine for months and it caused a few problems with moving (country) for my current job.

You've basically passed, get the corrections out of the way and make it official with a piece of paper from your graduate office (or similar)....


What's your deadline? I was given just a month to turn around my corrections, get the thesis hard bound, and resubmit it. Would have taken half that time in practice, but various academics were away/out-of-the-country due to Easter.

Personally I wanted to get my corrections out of the way as quickly as possible, not least so I could graduate next month. How many corrections do you have to do? Have you made any start? Do some of them look more appealing than others, for example easy typos to fix? If so start with those and that might get you into the swing of things.

I also found listening to podcasts while doing the corrections took my mind off the tedium :p


The other thing that might help - and it's more a mindset thing rather than anything else - is that the corrections are sort of contract between you and the examiners. They're saying that if you do those corrections, within the time scale agreed, the university will award you a PhD. Until done you're still in sort of limbo. So if you want that award do them. Even making a small start would help. They don't all have to be done at once. Just nibbling away at them slowly will get there too.

Good luck!


Have you done them yet....?