What form of thematic analysis is this?



I'm really confused! I've been reading up different forms of thematic analysis, including applied thematic analysis, template analysis etc but I'm confused which one my form of analysis sits in. This is what I plan to do:

1. Structurally code the interviews based on the structure of the topic guide (which is well structured)
2. Then within each code start coding and coding themes that emerge.
3. Continue doing that across the interview data and refine themes and add to them
4. For some areas, the data will be approached deductively and will be answering a specific research question
5. One theme for example, will be based on counting the responses.
6. Form explanations once themes have emerged

What form of thematic analysis does the above look like? I am using both inductive and deductive analysis.


I believe that is the Braun and Clarke (2006, 2013) method of thematic analysis. I used it for my undergraduate dissertation and also recieved training in it at the BPS. They just refered to it as thematic analysis. I dont know if that helps.


Yeah thematic analysis in general is exactly what you described. Variants are really just slightly different flavors. Personally I am using 'Template analysis' which is basically thematic analysis, but the template for the themes is built using the first 5 or so interviews, and all of the following ones SHOULD fall into those themes. If not, the template is modified.

If it's any help Nigel King is pretty much the front man for Template Analysis:


Thank you both!

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Hi, I did similar to what you described and as noted by PsychAlpaca, I referenced Braun and Clark as well. I am having the paper published so I think it's quite acceptable to have a generic thematic analysis. Good luck!