When would you know that a material is worthy to be published?


Right, so I'm new to the academic publishing world, when or how could we tell that our material is worthy of being published, or should be published? My co-supervisor said that one could even publish a 'concept paper' (if I'm not mistaken) just to let the world know what we are doing at the moment.

Any input is appreciated.


Hi Tt_Dan! To be honest, the best way to know is to ask for an opinion from someone who is used to publishing work and knows whereabouts the standard needs to be, or just submit it to a journal and find out! If you think you have something original that's of interest to others in the field, it's worth a shot, and even if it gets rejected you should get some constructive feedback that would enable you to work further on it. There isn't really anything to lose by trying. Are you doing a PhD? What field are you in? I finished my PhD in Clinical Psychology last year and so far have 7 publications out of it- two systematic reviews, four results papers, and a conceptual paper. Where I studied for my PhD it was pretty normal to get stuff published, but it's more common in some fields than others. But if you want to carry on in academia afterwards then it's great to publish- it will go a long way to getting you a post-doc (again, depending on what field you're in!). Good luck! KB


Hello! To be honest, i am no sure that i have an experience big enough to give you an advise, that's why i'd better listen to other information here :)


Best things to do are:
- compare it to other already published papers
- ask supervisors if they think it is ready
- if yes to (preferably both) the above, submit and see (aim to where you / your supervisors think it would fit perfectly, or else aim higher and get amazing feedback!)

I'd never try any online service unless I'd been told that my writing wasn't good enough (presumably that's what they're for?) or something similar to warrant the need to do that.

Good luck!


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