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When would you know that a material is worthy to be published?

Hello! To be honest, i am no sure that i have an experience big enough to give you an advise, that's why i'd better listen to other information here :)

Psychology and Drama

Hi dear! To be honest, I didn't such a situation as you, but to my mind, you can choose one of them and to leave the second one just as a hobby for you!

Market Research Survey

Hello! Have answered! You are welcome :)

Quitting PhD after four years

Hello! To be honest, i am not an expert in this area, but i think that it will be better for you to quit the PhD now. Sorry, if my answer is too late for you.

PhD Writing up Tips ?

Hi to everyone! Guys, i had the same question as the author of this thread and i have to say that i have found your tips here really helpful for me as well. Thank you!