Where to buy cheap Endnote software


Hi, everybody, Apologies for the repeated question about Endnote. my question, anybody knows where to buy a cheap Endnote software? I have a problem bcoz my trial version already expired and my university do not provide a copies for their student. So, i need to buy Endnote for my labtop. please help!!


Are you in the UK? If so Google for Adept Scientific who are the UK suppliers of EndNote and sell educational copies direct to students. That's where I bought my copy from, at a substantial discount from the usual price.


Looks like it's even cheaper from Pugh (.co.uk).


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Looks like it's even cheaper from Pugh (.co.uk).

Are you sure? The student price for EndNote Windows on Pugh seems to be 115 pounds, if I'm looking in the right place. On the Adept Scientific Educational site it's just 66.55 pounds delivered, or less as a download.

Or at least it is for me when I login to the educational store. Click on the Education tab on the site to access the special prices where available.


Oops, right you are Bilbo... missed the education tab... I'll wait till I'm awake before I post next time:$


LOL! No worries. It isn't that easy to find really - I should have given clearer instructions at the start. You'd think the company didn't want people to find the hefty student discounts ;-)


You could try "acquiring" it from one of the IT geeks in your department. Someone will have the installation files.


We've been told that there is a free online version called Endnote Web (google brings it up)... I've not checked it out yet, but it sounds like the "original" version except it stores your information in the cloud, rather than on your PC.

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Hi there,

I was told the other day of a free plugin for Firefox called 'Zotero'. Apparently it works better than Endnote, is free, and can be synced across computers, so you're not tied to the software per-say. It's compatible with Word, and works well with 'fox-it' (another plug-in for PDFs). Find it and more info at www.zotero.org

I've just downloaded it myself and plan to explore it tomorrow...

Hope this helps!!!


To see a comparison of reference managers (commercial and __FREE__ open source alternatives), use the link in my previous post:


You do not necessarily need to buy a reference manager, there is also a lot of free alternatives.


Try this place, they sell software at a discounted price to students and teachers: