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Where to buy cheap Endnote software

Hi, everybody, Apologies for the repeated question about Endnote. my question, anybody knows where to buy a cheap Endnote software? I have a problem bcoz my trial version already expired and my university do not provide a copies for their student. So, i need to buy Endnote for my labtop. please help!!

Endnote and Emerald

Hi, everybody, I really need a help, I got the problem with my Endnote and Emerald. how to install the full version of Endnote, do i need to buy this software? Anybody can help me how to export citation from Emerald to Endnote? really appreciate for the help.

HI, everybody

hi, my name is fryda. I'm just registered as a full time PhD student in last July. I'm doing some research related to manufacture engineering or operation management. so i need some advise from others. Many thanks:-)