Who of you is still working?


Hi everybody!
It is almost christmas and I am still here... I will have 48 hours of christmas (visiting my family), beside that I will work. The libraries are empty, only three people (including me) are online. And still I am motivated, no sarcasm! Well, I have pressure, that helps to be motivated :)
Are there others or am I the only one?


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Hi Neena, I'm still working! I'm having xmas and boxing days off, and odd family or shopping trips here and there, but otherwise I need to keep at it really, with a Feb submission deadline looming. I'd rather be working at the moment than have a longer break, I know I wouldn't be able to relax with a nagging feeling in the back of my mind that I might not leave myself enough time for all my corrections. Anyway, I seem to be working ok right now and my supervisors are happy, so I don't want to lose this momentum I allegedly have at the moment lol!!


Still working ... got corrections to be done and one report to be submitted to the supervisor for tomorrow.
Thank God for jango.com and youtube for keeping the motivation going ... that and the thought of a good break/reunion with about 10 old friends over New Years - it's gonna be messy 8-)

Surely ya have to take a longer break than that - it may not feel like it, but we all deserve it.


I'm still bashing away at my laptop! Chapter due in asap (ideally today)... no major plans for christmas, although an ex-boyf is back in town and has mentioned that he wants to meet up... oh dear!

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Hi Neena! I'm in no man's land at the moment. I should be prepping for Christmas because I have loads to do for that, but can't let go of the feeling I should be PhDing, hence procrastinating on here! Have a great Christmas and congrats on the motivation. I'm off into the fray to buy some turkey food and gift boxes...


I will make some days off for the new year, going to visit a friend. He is trying to convince me to come without work. A break would be great but for me it is difficult to go from holiday modus to working modus. I get used to laziness, staying up all night, talking, drinking, watching movies, going out, sleeping long and read in bed. How I love to be lazy :-x


@sleepyhead: My ex also wants to meet me for christmas. Time for being sentimental i quess... or time when loneliness hurts more :p I will not go!!


It's raining Exs it seems, Well nothing beats my story! No family on this side of the planet, and all known faces gone! I am actually having dinner with my Ex (some emotions thrown in too!!!)

Now beat that!


wow, so good luck for the dinner! Sounds exciting :)
The emotions I still have for this ex are not of the positive kind so I'd rather do anything than meet him. (After the break he became a stalker :-s )


I'm still working.  Stupidly signed up for a mid January deadline. Have booked a lovely week away with my undergraduate friends and am now going to be racing through books on methodology for a lot of the week.  Very frustrating!

Also have to deal with ridiculous bureaucracy tomorrow. Wish me luck that managements Christmas cheer will get me through the meeting!

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I'm kind of working, well no, I'm not lol - I'm wishing I could work. I have 3 children who are all off school now and so I'm watching them bounce off of the walls with excitement - its not conducive to hardcore reading really! I NEED to work - I have a submission in Jan and I've just been chatting to my supervisor who wants me to represent the Uni at some conference also in Jan - so I'm waiting to hear about that - so I should be hard at it, but I just can't, I still have WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too much to do - being a mum is not that much fun at this time of year - talk about stress.
I think I'm just going to give in and forget trying to work then I'll enjoy the run-up to Christmas more with the kids - having said that its kind of nice hiding away lol - but I can't, too much to do, and now i'm waffling ;-)
Sounds like there are lots of ex's floating around - Christmas tends to bring them out of the woodwork doesn't it - I'll be seeing my ex too - when i drop the elder two off - besides my husband my ex-husband is my best friend in the world - weird huh? Couldn't live with him but now we get on really well lol and he's the only person who doesn't glaze over when I start talking dissertation :-)


I was supposed to be taking a week off from yesterday, but I woke up this morning with lots of ideas for a paper I'm giving in late January. So I have spent most of the morning writing. Why is it that I spend most the time I'm supposed to be writing feeling blocked, but as soon as I give up trying it comes out semi-effortlessly?! Weird.

Anyway, whatever happens, I'm definitely having Christmas Day and Boxing Day off. Have a good Christmas everyone, no matter what you end up doing!


Oh no, I'm definitely off to meet the ex, unless he changes his mind (he can be fairly unreliable!). He can also be very useful! He's offered to look at some job applications for me (he's a prof) and I owe him a drink at least - he helped me swap supervisors when I was having problems earlier this year... Bless. Unreliable, but comes good when I need it... The perfect ex..

Oh and good luck PhDbug!!!!!


My 3 yr-old is home all day now so I don't expect to get anything done until I can persude dh to take her out for the day after Xmas. Must be something about Xmas - even I'm going to meet up with an ex over the holidays too! All my ex's have remained good friends. Just waiting now for another friend to arrive with their kids - can't wait then mine will have some other playmates and give me a break. The constant refrain in this house is 'Is it Xmas yet?' and 'Can I have another sweetie?'. Must really get down to work though after Xmas - Jan deadline is going to be tight.


Lol Smilodon - I'm sooooo with you! Mine is constantly asking for sweets off the tree, to open her advent calender, is Santa coming yet, on and on and on - I wish someone was coming over here. Instead my teenagers have announced that they BOTH need to go to town urgently and can I take them - like now! Sigh.... it will be nice to get to the big day and not have anything to do other than go and have dinner at the in-laws......