Will my previous degree grade stop me doing a PhD?


I'm about to start a taught MSc in Electronic Engineering at NTU. I suspect I was easily accepted onto the course due to no specific degree class requirements (I have Beng(HONS) Elec Eng. THIRD CLASS, obtained 14 yrs ago).
I've essentially always been a grade A student but had personal problems at the time etc etc.

During the informal interview they did mention it is less "academic" than at some other Uni's.
I'd like to think if I can prove myself through my Research Project I can still apply for a PhD afterwards (assuming I also get 2:1 or a first)...am I being unrealistic?


Hi Mulligan888,

You may not be being unrealistic- I do know people who have gone on to do a PhD and achieve an academic career after obtaining a 2:2, however it may depend whether you are hoping to receive funding for a PhD, or to self-fund. Funding is obviously very competitive, and both your grade, and going to 'less "academic"' university may hold you back.

Best of luck with the Master's.


Thankyou for the advice.
Ahhh I see your point about the funding (yes I would be looking for funding). I have already considered this is the only way to get on a MSc with my poor first degree grade and the only way of rectifying this is to start a 3 yr degree again (I have neither the funds nor the time). Therefore I shall attempt the PhD route, but if this fails, try to get a research job in the commercial sector.


No you are not being unrealisitic. You can definitely do a PhD and I am sure you will do it well. You need to be certain that your interview is given well and all universities have different requirements. You can apply to the ones that suit you the most.