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Leaving out poor grade qualifications when applying for funded PhDs

Thanks for all the good advice guys.
What I tried to do on MSc applications is briefly mention my 3rd class result was due to personal reasons (which i was happy to elaborate on if asked) and highlighted my good grades in the HNC (including 100% in maths). As chantedsnicker said, I can probably highlight a LOT of good stuff from my commercial experience that I haven't done so much so far.

I still think there will be some admissions people who cannot see past a 3rd class degree, but I will just have to accept that and hope it is not too common if I apply to plenty of institutions.

Leaving out poor grade qualifications when applying for funded PhDs

Hi all, I'm currently studying an MSc (doing well) and hoping to apply for funded PhDs afterwards. As is often the case, almost every funded PhD insists on a minimum 2.2 or 2.1 degree pass (and/or Masters). I only managed a 3rd class Degree back in 1997 (personal reasons for bad grades). Immediately before this, I did a HNC with a distinction/merit. I hope to get similar grades on my MSc.

I'm now wondering if it might be an idea to leave off the Degree altogether. There are other people on my course that have never done a first degree and are there due to suitable work experience (I too have 15 yrs commercial experience). So perhaps I could just mention the HNC, work experience and MSc grade?

Must I have a particular passion before starting a PhD?

Hi all, I'm hoping to start a PhD (or EngD) after I complete my taught Masters. I am certain I want to do a PhD but concerned about expected focus. I am currently interested in all areas of Renewable Energy (my Masters is focused on this) and would be happy to research/work in any sub area of this.

Should I be narrowing my focus/interest BEFORE applying for PhDs or is it OK to have a wide interest and perhaps be seen as an open adaptable "research tool" that is applied to a specific area once I start the PhD?

Any advice gratefully received.

3 degree trying to apply for 2:1/ 2:2 course (any chance?)

I have just been offered a taught Masters place with only having a 3rd class degree from 15yrs ago. However, I have had very relevant work experience in-between. I would say that I was told I shouldn't bother applying by several admissions depts (including the one I'm now going to) in the past. They didn't even ask me in for an interview this time, got an unconditional offer.
I do wonder if getting hold of your fees is becoming more important in these difficult times, but that's just a guess. It's clearly worth applying anyway!

Will my previous degree grade stop me doing a PhD?

Thankyou for the advice.
Ahhh I see your point about the funding (yes I would be looking for funding). I have already considered this is the only way to get on a MSc with my poor first degree grade and the only way of rectifying this is to start a 3 yr degree again (I have neither the funds nor the time). Therefore I shall attempt the PhD route, but if this fails, try to get a research job in the commercial sector.

Will my previous degree grade stop me doing a PhD?

I'm about to start a taught MSc in Electronic Engineering at NTU. I suspect I was easily accepted onto the course due to no specific degree class requirements (I have Beng(HONS) Elec Eng. THIRD CLASS, obtained 14 yrs ago).
I've essentially always been a grade A student but had personal problems at the time etc etc.

During the informal interview they did mention it is less "academic" than at some other Uni's.
I'd like to think if I can prove myself through my Research Project I can still apply for a PhD afterwards (assuming I also get 2:1 or a first)...am I being unrealistic?

Early thoughts of research career, advice please

I'm just starting a MSc in Engineering at the OU, after 10 yrs as a senior website developer (also have a BEng in Elec Engineering from 1997). I'm pretty keen on the idea of doing a PhD as I feel research will keep me motivated day to day. At present I'm very interested in Renewable Energy but this is a very wide field.
My question is, at this stage, should I have more specific areas of interest or indeed, an actual idea for a project? To be honest, I feel I could find myself absorbed in ANY aspect of this field, as long as I play some small part in increasing the use of Renewable Energy.
Also, is it best to try for a PhD straight after the MSc or work in industry first? (bearing in mind I'm 40, not getting any younger!)

This probably comes across as a bit vague, but various opinions would be very welcome.