Can a MSc with pass replace a 2:1 ?


I would like to apply for a PhD. As someone who is "lazy" I ended up waiting for the last 2 days before doing my coursework and now I have a MSc with pass (56%). Almost all universities require a 2:1 undergraduate degree. Do I have a chance with a Pass MSc ?


You probably could get on a PhD, but why would you want to? You won't be able to be 'lazy' and pass a PhD. You can expect a lot of hard work, consistently, for 4 years. I would think of other options if I were you.


Depends on the subject and university - in my university staff are not allowed to accept students without either a 2:1 or a merit at Masters as experience has showed that students who have struggled with earlier degrees are unlikely to complete a PhD. The posts on here also suggest that lab sciences are more open to poorer marks than other subjects.


Yes, you can be accepted for a PhD with the pass Marsters. I did, but I got this degree as I was struggling with my English, not because I was not working hard enough. It did not stop me getting a PhD and a permanent academic job. Yet, do you really want to do a PhD if you are lazy? PhDs require plenty of work. Don't waste your time and money if you are going to quit the course out of boredom...

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OR try and do it in the last few days-!