Need Choices Please For Master's In Entrepreneurship. Online Or Full-Time?


Greetings everyone!

It's a pleasure to be here on the forum!

I'm asking for advice regarding my Master's Degree choices. I'm aiming to do a Master's in Innovation and Entrepreneurship rather than an MBA, as it suits my career choices better. I'm targeting top universities/business schools in Europe. Due to my age (32), some business schools said that I don't fit the age criteria, but others welcomed my application, like Cambridge Judge Business School, HEC Paris, USC Marshall, Lund University in Sweden, EDHEC and Grenoble Ecole de Management in France. I would have loved to study again in the US, but due to budget constraints, I can't afford that at the moment.

I got accepted in the HEC Paris program, but the program is taught online on Coursera and I'm an avid learner and supporter of online/blended learning. However, I also don't want to miss the full university experience, so I applied and got accepted in Lund University - School of Economics and Management in Sweden, and got shortlisted for a scholarship there.

The question is should I go with part-time online study with HEC Paris, or should I go with the full-time experience at Lund as it'll be a better, multifaceted learning experience?

I'm currently an entrepreneur, managing and running our family business in my home country, and would definitely love to do it part-time to stay on the top of the business. However, it'll be arduous to study and run the business at the same time, and I also don't want to miss the full university experience of networking, interacting with professors and classmates, social activities...etc

So please let me know what you think? Should I do it online at a prestigious business school like HEC Paris? Or full-time at Lund University with an opportunity for a scholarship?

Also, do you have other programs that fit me better that I can apply to?

Many thanks in advance!


If I were you, I would choose fulltime especially if a scholarship is offered. If you are not the person who pushes himself all the time to study, part time won't also work for you. Lund is a prestigious university.


Two things come to mind.
Firstly, which universities are telling you that at 32 you are too old to study business?
Secondly, if you are already running a business why would you study business at uni. What is it you think you need which you can't get from books, online resources and networking with peers? The people teaching you by definition won't be business owners so what do you think they know that you don't?